Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers – The Top Ones in 2018


Whether a golf driver is a must-have for high handicappers is still a matter of debate. In fact, fairway woods may be more suitable for players with high handicaps, due to their slightly shorter shafts. Nonetheless, a good driver is still the best golf club for hitting the longest from the tee, especially on golf courses with a lot of longer par-4 and above holes. Also, modern technology has allowed drivers to be much more forgiving than before, particularly those classified as super-game improvement clubs. These clubs are specifically designed for beginners, casual players and those with high handicaps.

As a high handicapper, you should choose a driver with a large club head, which will enable you to have solid shots more consistently. A greater loft angle will also help in launching the ball higher and offering more distance off the tee. Do pay attention to the weighting of your club as well, as it will have a significant impact on the ball flight. And don’t forget to consider your swing speed when buying a new driver. Technically, if you have a relatively slow swing, you will need more flexibility from your shaft. In other words, if your swing speed is relatively faster, you should go for a more rigid shaft. If you’re looking for a driver that suits your level, read on to find out the top golf drivers for high handicappers!

1 Callaway Golf Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

<strong><span style=Callaway Golf Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver" />

You can choose eight different colors to shield its two color zones. GBB has an attractive, sleek feel and glossy finish. It has a streamlined head which has been built while keeping the aerospace rules into consideration. After hitting, it gives a decent sound. You will enjoy a straight and high hit. Its structure follows the Jailbreak technology which works quite impressively to increase the ball speed to cover more distance. GBB displays an epic shift due to its Triaxial Carbon construction and Titanium Exo-cage. This driver has been constructed to meet all your customized needs. It helps you in the attainment of an ideal level of forgiveness. Its adjustable neck with 17 grams sliding weight makes it a perfect fit for your flawless swing. The aerodynamic details allow you to maintain a fabulous swing speed resulting in a long hit and more distance.

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2 TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver

<strong>TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver</strong>

This driver has a catchy sole and shaft with cheerful graphics and a traditional head. It is lightweight and comes in black and white colors. It aerodynamic structure with a rounded toe and an elevated center crown works to reduce the dragging force. Its long shaft and speed slot boost the club speed. It enables you to hit to the long distances due to its longer shaft, lightweight structure, and aerodynamic technology. It works well from diverse strike points. Although it is non-adjustable, when it comes to forgiveness, it works well to lift the confidence of the tester.

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3 Cobra KING F8/F8+ Driver

<strong>Cobra KING F8/F8+ Driver</strong>

This driver has titanium face inserts formed by automated computer milling. This feature does not only save weight but also allows the clubface to have a subtle curvature for better speed and higher launch on mishits. It will also tempt the average golfer to give this driver a try. Both versions of the driver, the high-launching F8, and the low-spin F8+, have movable sole weights and lightweight carbon-composite crowns. It has a 3-degree range of adjustability (from 9 to 12 degrees for the F8 and 8 to 11 degrees for the F8+) on the hosel, which means one head fits all. A special feature of the Cobra F8 is the Cobra CONNECT system powered by Arccos, which will allow players to track their driving distance and accuracy via a smartphone app. As such, they will be able to see if the features in the F8 are assisting them in hitting it farther and straighter. Players can also experiment to find the settings which work best for their swing style.

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4 Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver

<strong>Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver</strong>

HB stands for its HiBore structure. Its remarkable Titanium Head and Flex-Fin compressing technology give more energy to the ball so that it can cover a longer. It gives you even better forgiveness due to its spring effect insole and wraparound faceplate. Its weight works well for soft swingers to attain maximum speed. It gives you more distance with high hits and straight drives. The launcher has evolved after the introduction of diverse technologies, which allows you to have better control over your game. It gives you a customized experience with its adjustable hosel to fit the weight in the clubhead. Its stiff structure offers you a powerful feel with an improved sound. If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight option, then this driver is for you.

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5 Ping G400 SFT Driver

<strong>Ping G400 SFT Driver</strong>

Known for the forgiveness of their golf clubs, Ping doesn’t stop pushing the boundaries of saving us from our mishits. The G400 SFT Driver is all about slice-fighting. It has a large front-to-back shape, a thin crown, and a tungsten weight deep in the sole. These features make the driver the most forgiving head ever, especially on off-center hits. The driver also has the familiar drag-reducing ridges on the crown, which allows the rather substantial head glide through the air as if it were a third smaller. The forged T9S+ face allows for more flex and speed. The turbulators and Vortec Technology offer improved aerodynamics and less drag. With this club, your flight will be high and forgiving. It is perfect for mid- and high- handicappers who fight the ball on a regular basis.

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6 Conclusion

All the drivers in our list rank very high on forgiveness, accuracy, and distance on shots – areas that golfers with high handicaps usually need help. Depending on your particular needs and the areas you want to improve, you will need to look for the golf drivers that fit your requirements. Hope our review has provided you with the best golf drivers for high handicappers and beginners. Comment and share if you like it!

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