Best Drivers For Beginners With a Slice – Our Top Choices!


Slicing your long shots is one of the most common mistakes made by amateurs. So, a fast spinning ball takes to the air in a position to the right of the target. There can be many causes for this common fault.

There are a number of ways in which this spoiler can be cured. Professional advice from a coach may provide some relief. A popular way is to get a driver that will compensate for your natural inclination to slice the ball. Today’s models have the science hidden as they look like normal drivers. Called draw-bias drivers they will help you play longer and straighter shots. It is a simple fix that will put a smile on your face. Below, we review some of the top drivers that will help you achieve this goal. Hope it will help you find the best driver for beginners with a slice.

Here are our top picks for the best drivers for beginners with a slice in 2018:

  • PING G400 SFT Driver
  • TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver
  • Cobra F-Max Offset Driver
  • Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver
  • Callaway Rogue Driver

1 PING G400 SFT Driver

<strong>PING G400 SFT Driver</strong>

The G400 SFT is made by well known American manufacturer Ping. SFT stands for straight flight technology. It indicates its usefulness for golf slicers who seek distance and direction. It has good looks and has proven its ability to end the slice shot. It is also effective in dealing with shank shots which increases its usefulness. Weight placements an important role in adding speed and direction. With three models to choose from, flexibility in shaft options, and adjustable loft of five settings it is an outstanding driver. In the words of Ping Director Marty Jertson, the sound and feel of this driver are absolutely phenomenal.

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2 TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver

<strong>TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver</strong>

TaylorMade’s contribution of less spin and straighter shots is a new face shape. The purpose of the alteration is to correct the face angle on off-center shots. It provides for more loft in the high-toe and so, improves spin to a greater degree. The face is also lighter and more flexible. This ensures a larger part for effective contact with the ball, resulting in a pleasing solid and fiery sound. As intended the design delivers on lowering the shot and eliminating unwanted spin. It is not a complex driver. Ball speed and forgiveness are delivered to the player as expected from the modern draw-bias driver. Both loft and hosel are adjustable.

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3 Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

<strong>Cobra F-Max Offset Driver</strong>

If you need help with a swing speed that is nothing more than so-so and like the idea of a top draw-bias the Cobra F-Max may be your ideal driver. Like the other clubs mentioned in this article weighting in the heel of the club and a counteracting hosel ensure better drives. Lighter shafts, larger grips, lighter swing weights, and a forged titanium face, all make for improved performance. Elegantly created, at reasonable price users are raving about the benefits of this driver to make good on faults.

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4 Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver

<strong>Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver</strong>

This is one of the cheapest drivers when it comes to forgiveness on slicing shots. One commentary states that it consistently provides results irrespective of where the club connects with the ball. Even an easy swing will launch the ball straight and long. There is no adjustability here as you get with other similar products. Once again, titanium is used with differing thickness which ensures distance even on off-center hits. Like the other models, there is weight in the rear, shifting the center of gravity. One golfer complained that the club head broke off after about 25 shots and he was clearly disappointed.

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5 Callaway Rogue Driver

<strong>Callaway Rogue Driver</strong>

Technology is an important aspect of this driver. Various terms are used to describe the science applied in the design of this club. It claims to provide the ultimate in ball speed and forgiveness. Considerable flexibility is available here to increase the variety of usability. The clubs are hourglass shaped. The result if a lighter club keeping strength and durability. The outstanding feature of this club is the amazing shedding of weight which adds much to its forgiveness.

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6 Conclusion

When purchasing a draw-bias driver you will have many options. We recommend that you do not go for it alone but go for a fitting. The launch monitor will be an excellent guide to help you find the best driver for beginners with a slice and the best option for your particular needs.

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