Best Ping Driver of All Time – Which One is Your Favorite?

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Ping’s drivers are among the most well-regarded ones in the golfing world. With the success of the G30 series in 2014, Ping released the G series in 2016 and the G400 series in 2017.

We can say that over the years, Ping has set the standards for golfers’ drivers. Their drivers are always built on sound engineering principles and remain consistently solid, regardless of the series, model or design.

They also perform well both on the golf course and on the driving range. So, which one is the best Ping driver of all time? To answer that question, let’s go through the most recent notable drivers by Ping.

1 Ping G400 Driver

<strong><b>Ping G400 Driver</b></strong>
Ping G400 Driver

Do you know that this driver is the one chosen by the 2018 Masters champion, Patrick Reed?

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best drivers on the market today. It has a very simple but sleek look with a new forged face and a slightly smaller titanium head.

It is also packed with advanced technology – the signature Dragonfly Technology, which cuts inefficient weight from the high part of the head, repositions it to the lower part and deepens the center of gravity.

The G400’s improved aerodynamics, forgiveness, and stability make it one of the fastest and most forgiving drivers ever.

Compared to the G drivers, it offers more ball speed thanks to the multi-material construction. Its extensive frequency and vibration research create a muted and powerful sound at impact, which is nicer than the G series and previous Ping models. For many golfers, the standard G400 is a straightforward and high-performance golf club that meets their needs.

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2 Ping G400 LST Driver

<strong><b>Ping G400 LST Driver</b></strong>
Ping G400 LST Driver

LS stands for “Low Spin.” The LST version of the G400 Driver has the same aerodynamic and ball speed performance benefits as the standard one.

According to Ping, the technology employed by the LST allows golfers to achieve a slightly lower ball flight and stable and controllable spin.

This makes it particularly suitable for high swing speed players. Ping was the first manufacturer to promote the idea that different golfers need different setups, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution. With this driver, you will have no lost weight where you don’t want it and maximum mass to position to change cutting spin, MOI, and stability or create a draw bias.

In general, it is an amazing low-spin option which sits beautifully at address, sounds good at impact and comes with good shaft options.

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3 Ping G400 SFT Driver

<b>Ping G400 SFT Driver</b>
Ping G400 SFT Driver

SF means “Straight Flight.” This driver is specifically designed for players with a slice, which makes up to almost 80% of golfers.

As more mass is positioned at the heel, it will help players close the face at impact and bust their slice.

It has a slightly lighter swing weight, which will enable swing speed to be maximized and slower swings to square the club face.

In short, the SFT is a proven success with a massive MOI and great forgiveness.

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4 Ping G400 MAX Driver

<strong><b>Ping G400 MAX Driver</b></strong>
Ping G400 MAX Driver

The MAX version possess the same Dragonfly Technology, aerodynamics, acoustic and fast face as the standard version.

The only difference is that it has a 460cc head to improve forgiveness. With tungsten weighting wrapped from the sole onto the back skirt, its MOI is 700 points higher than the G400.

It produces a deep and muted sound at impact. According to Ping, players might lose a little bit club speed with this driver, due to its extra size.

However, what is lost in club speed is made up for in forgiveness. The MAX is particularly well-suited to players who spray shots around the face or those who benefit from hitting more fairways.

Its massive MOI makes it one of the most forgiving drivers available today.

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5 Ping G/G SF Tec/G LS Tec Driver

<strong><b>Ping G/G SF Tec/G LS Tec Driver</b></strong>
Ping G/G SF Tec/G LS Tec Driver

The G Series is an established name both on tour and in amateur golf bags. Similar to the G400 series, it has different versions for different groups of players.

The standard G Driver is the all-around driver that can work for golfers of all levels. With Ping’s Dragonfly Technology and aerodynamic setup, the driver allows increased speed.

It also has a Vortec channel to reduce drag and offer more control. The other versions – the G SF Tec and the G LS Tec – are based on the same premise as the standard one.

The LS Tec is catered to players who want a lower spin rate and allows them to achieve this through a slightly forward center of gravity.

The SF Tec has its weight closer to the hosel of the club and thus, helps counteract a slice and produces a greater draw.

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6 Conclusion

Certainly diverse and innovative, Ping drivers have earned an excellent reputation among both professional golfers and amateurs.

Which one is the best Ping driver of all time is still a matter of heated debate. We would say that the answer lies in what suits the particular needs of each golfer.

With different models for different types of players in each series, Ping drivers are definitely a great choice for any golfer. If you want to step up your game, keep an eye for Ping golf clubs for sale and grab one when you have the chance!

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