You Can’t Go Wrong if you Stick with Well Known brand name Clubs

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It’s no revelation that consumer spending is heavily driven by marketing. High on the list of successful marketing techniques are campaigns intended to associate a brand or product with image and status. In a nutshell, the more you see or hear about a brand or a product, the more advanced the product’s technology sounds, the more cosmetically pleasing it looks, the more expensive it is, the better it must be, right? Golf clubs are no different.

The big golf club companies employ marketing techniques to build their image from which the belief in quality comes, followed by the demand from golfers to buy the clubs. They pay pros all over the planet to play a version of their clubs and put the company’s name on their golf bags and hats to be seen during televised tournaments. They also air lots of television commercials and place tons of print and internet ads which either show the pros that play their clubs or tout the latest and greatest design features of the clubs. This image and demand lures the pro shops and golf retail stores to stock the clubs so the golfers come in to buy.

If the pros play their clubs and if I see their clubs everywhere I turn, they must be the best clubs for me. Right?

On the other hand, in every merchandise area there are also brands and products that consumers have never heard of. In the face of the brands and products with high visibility, it can be very easy for consumers to believe the lesser known products are of lower quality. After all, a lack of visible marketing must mean few people are buying them which in turn says they’re not that good. Right?

Among the themes in marketing are claims for performance. With cars, a claim for a specific gas mileage or horsepower, or accessories like GPS are common elements in the car companies’ marketing. With computers, it can be processor size/speed, screen resolution, size and weight. With cell phones, claims for multi-tasking and 4G connectivity are stressed. With golf clubs, same things; how many times have you heard a claim for 10 more yards or straigher shots?

You Can’t Go Wrong if you Stick with Well Known brand name ClubsNow think about whether these items all deliver what they claim. Cars? Computers? Cell Phones? Yup, they almost always do what the companies say they do. If they don’t, you complain and get your money back. Golf Clubs? If you don’t get those 10 more yards or hit more fairways and greens, the sales person tells you to go take some lessons as if it is your fault the clubs don’t perform as advertised. After all, it’s a tough game, right?

Plain and simple, the reason golfers who buy the well known brand name clubs off the rack rarely achieve the performance claims in the marketing is because these clubs don’t fit each individual golfer’s size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

To get that performance improvement through custom fitting, you need to have your clubs fit and built from scratch to your swing by a good, experienced custom clubmaker. To do that, the clubmaker is going to build your custom fit clubs from clubheads from a company you haven’t heard of. Why? First, because the big golf companies won’t sell their clubheads as components to anyone. Second, because the Clubmaker needs to have a source for high quality golf club components offered in a wide variety of lofts, lies, face angles, weights, flexes, and sizes so he can meet each golfer’s unique custom fitting requirements. Even if the big golf companies sold their components, the Clubmaker would not be able to find all the custom options he needs to fit each golfer.

Here’s an interesting fact in the face of all this brand, image and status marketing. Do you know what companies designed the first adjustable hosel woods, the first variable thickness clubface, the first high COR face fairway woods, the first high COR face irons, the first graphite and metal construction woodhead, the first milled face wedges, the first hybrid clubs to replace long irons, or the first clubheads with movable weights to alter shot shape?

If you guessed some of the golf club companies with well know brand names, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. All these design innovations and about 50 more golf club technology firsts were invented by smaller golf club companies you probably haven’t heard of. But these are the same companies from which your custom Clubmaker will obtain the clubheads from which he or she will fit and craft the custom made golf clubs that can enable you to play to the best of your ability.

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