Women’s Clubs Are Designed For Women Golfers

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You see sets of clubs at your local golf store all displayed under a sign reading: “Women’s Clubs.” What could be more sensible than to assume that these clubs are uniquely designed for women? Well… sometimes this is true, but in many (if not most) cases, it is simplynot so.

In the following chart is a comparison of the men and women’s clubs from one of the most recognized golf club companies in the game. And while you’re looking at it, check out the men’s and women’s driver lengths. According to this company, women are supposed to buy drivers that are as long as the 44.5” average driver used on the PGA Tour! Yes, the PGA Tour, where the best MALE players in the game compete.

Women’s Clubs Are Designed For Women Golfers

Women’s Clubs Are Designed For Women

This is a classic example of how business gets in the way of what’s good for the golfers. If I were a fly on the wall when these specifications were drawn up, I’m betting the discussion went something like this… “You know, women’s club sales don’t comprise more than 8% of our total numbers so just use the men’s heads for the women but just cut their L-flex shafts shorter. That way we don’t get stuck with the extra expense for a separate women’s clubhead model.”

The majority of women’s driver heads are the same as a men’s model, built with a little lighter weight L-flex shaft and cut to a length that is 1 ½” shorter than the men’s, but still the same length as what the average male PGA Tour player uses. And it gets worse when you look at the loft of those drivers.

Rarely are the lofts on the ladies’ drivers offered higher than the men’s; which means they’re not nearly high enough given the average woman’s 65mph swing speed. There are hardly any women’s drivers offered in the entire golf industry with the 15, 16, or 17 degree lofts that most women golfers need to get their maximum distance.

As a result of the above, how many women have found themselves on a tee with a driver they can’t hit (because it’s too long) and, even when they do connect, the ball doesn’t come close to flying as far as it should (because it’s the wrong loft)?

Worse yet, how many women have quit the game because they are “just no good at it,” not knowing that the fault was not all in their athletic ability but because they were using clubs that were designed from the factory to be essentially unusable in their hands.

The point here is that there are ladies, senior and even some junior golfers who can and should play with the same fitting specifications that you would find in men’s clubs. And there are some men who should be playing with what are labeled by the golf industry as “senior,” or “ladies” club specifications. The only way to know is to be properly and
professionally fitted.

Properly fitted golf clubs know no gender discrimination. They only know if they are properly matched to how their owner swings

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