What's inside Steph Curry's Basketball Shoes?

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We CUT OPEN Steph’s Under Armour 5’s, 2’s and 1’s!! Check out our Nike video with Kevin Durant:

Who do you think will win the NBA Finals?

Check out the reveal of the Curry 5’s here:


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  1. Luviega says

    If Kd one the greatest basketball players of all time is kind enough to give some of his time and sign me a shoe and then I decide to cut the shoe in half, I really hope someone punchs me in the face.

  2. Roman Reigns says

    Why is the Video Title in German ?

  3. Susana Salgado says


  4. INSITE says

    Q: Which is better Nike or Under Armor
    A: Adidas

  5. FearlessGaming says

    “look at curry man, so inspirational “

  6. Samurai Victor says

    I like under armor stuff I don’t think I’ve ever worn Nike shoe we’re like Jordans and some Dc and a couple others I don’t think I ever had Nikes

  7. Diego Frausto says

    He beats Kevin Durant while he wasnt trying and gloats about it

  8. 張育瑄 says

    my first basketball shoes were under armors!!

  9. mason hovis says

    What a bout the curry 2.5’s

  10. Joash Pingkihan says

    what they want is to pindown under armor

  11. Yuzu_da_youngin says

    They waste money

  12. Jio says

    Start around 6:40 for the actual video

  13. 5ifty_cow says

    The number on the box of the curry 5 is the digits of Pi, which is his birthday, March (3rd month of the year), 14th

  14. gabolix says

    At 3:08 it looks like pewdiepie's logo/profile picture.


    Sir can i have 1 curry shoe please im a big fan of steph curry iwish you gave me

  16. Peter McConville says

    What's inside your brain

  17. ជួបចំរើនបញ្ញា Choubchamreuonpanha says

    Let's give away curry 7 shoes

  18. Stella Ho says

    I dare him bought a jordan dior and cut and say “hmmm what inside”

  19. Arjun Kadari says

    UA all day

  20. Elias Ng says

    why does the grandpa shoe have a hang tag?

  21. Edwin Dumlao says


  22. GCBB says

    1:02 no one thought different you didn’t need to say that 😂

  23. Lil j says

    I like both

  24. Terracraft says

    UA all day

  25. Baseball Life says

    Under armour

  26. Rick Astley JB says

    Wait linkon likes the warriors well you ain’t got Kevin durant anymore

  27. RAW is AJ says

    Btw I just started wearing curry shoes and I just got some curry 3zero 2 shoes

  28. rodoxxs says

    Materials science

  29. dina garza says

    Now we’re at curry 8

  30. Eric Evan says

    I played in 5s the other day, and REALLY hurt my foot. That big gap under the arch has very little padding and the hard plastic bruised my arch and heel badly.

  31. DJ Derk says

    Is anyone else watching this in 2021

  32. Elizabeth Abbey says

    You are crazy i have been wanting that shoe over a year and you just cut it that is not cool bro.🤯👹👿

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