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  1. Marty B says

    Nice, respectful video, I really do enjoy these look backs, keep them coming Mitchell, how about some of the old and bold, Greg Norman, Jumbo Ozaki, Paul Lawrie, David Feherty, etc?

  2. Kevin Twomey says

    These are great!

  3. Super Mario Balotelli says

    Love these vids, it’s like putting their Wikipedia pages into life. So many names that could be done in the future as well. Like what happened to Matteo Manassero, Craig Perks, Michael Campbell, Ryo Ishikawa, the list goes on…

  4. John Wood says

    He came out of no where and backed up the major with a fews W's and a Ryder Cup. Well done Ben.

  5. macangus123 Ollie says

    Just because your great at golf, doesn't mean you have to play until you drop.Well done Ben,enjoy.

  6. John Michelson says

    Another great video!

  7. kaigee wong says

    Who the fook is that guy?

  8. Roark Holstein says

    Hey man, Nice video. You should do a video on Todd Hamilton, the 2004 open champion. These videos are very interesting

  9. Neo Wick says

    4 wins. That’s one less than the so called superstar Rickie Fowler.

  10. Josh B says


  11. Interittus4 says

    Just found your channel! Videos are well done and very good. Love the research. But all so negative towards all these people that still accomplished so much. I’d love a top ten finish let alone playing at this level! Again no hate I subbed! Keep up the good work

  12. Bonbonita says

    This dude won life. What a great guy.

  13. brianmcg321 says

    Are his parents psychopaths.

    Own a golf course, but hate that your kid likes golf? Fucking crazy.

  14. Jay Pique says

    Love your vids – well done. How about…
    What Happened To Hunter Mahan?

  15. Woolly Legend5533 says

    Love these documentaries, do what happened to Ty Tryon

  16. CD says

    Golf is tough and not everyone is cut out for the tour. At least Ben made some good money, won a major, some tournaments and a Ryder cup…..not bad. A lot of guys would give their left nut for that.

  17. Steve60 says

    What happened to Ben Curtis? He is living what appears to be the perfect life. Largely away from public scrutiny. Brilliant

  18. Pushidon 2 says

    Great vid! Can you do “what happened to Jason Day”

  19. XxXFlyingArmBarXxX says

    Next do why the hell Tommy Fleetwood can't win in the usa

  20. Christopher Franklin says

    Alex Etches alter-ego?

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