Watch this before you Buy a Trike

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  1. Tom says

    Every single time I see one of these things I think “Old Man Bike.”

  2. Leroy Jenkins says

    Just purchased my first one , a 1991 GL1500 Motortrike with 100k miles for $3,000. Can’t wait for it to be summer again

  3. dennis kissinger says

    thought you would go over some of the issues with trikes.

  4. dennis kissinger says

    Just triked my 2009 GW (MOTOR Trike), and still prefer my HD Road glide

  5. Mystery47 says

    I am an old man (76) and would prefer four wheels under me rather than just two. But, for the cost and safety factor, I think I would prefer to pick up an old MGB and have "some" metal around me for protection. There are just too many crazy people in cars on the highways zipping around without signaling.

  6. billy fatbowe says

    Maybe know the specs
    B4 you tube it…🤣

  7. Carl Hursh says

    Just like a Spyder. No drop. 🤪

  8. Carl Hursh says

    It will run smoother with car tires. I put them on my Spyder. Way more stable.

  9. thechad76 says

    Lost me at the prayer god boy.

  10. Russell Notestine says

    I'll never trust a trike. If health concerns, bad knees or whatever limited my riding ability I'd go to a scooter

  11. Jill Odom says

    Apparently having a passenger changes things. My cousin hit a turn she was used to taking too fast with me as a passenger and tipped us. Some injuries (broke my hand and tore her up since she wasn't wearing gear) and damage to her Goldwing but thankfully nothing too serious.

  12. James McCarthy says

    I would big you know I don't have a car lace I don't have a license anymore but I was talking to my friend and I was saying if I ever got my license but I was talking to my friend and if it if I got my license back I'd like to get a trike in a minivan for my wheelchair scooter that it's basic basically clip lent of a wheelchair scooter but it's three wheels like the trike that you showed that under a different brand name of course

  13. Randy Heath says

    What is the piece of plastic on the Windshield?

  14. Alan d'Eon says

    "Golden wing"?!? 😁

  15. flobeeone kinobee says

    You can roll it though

  16. Nombre Apellido says

    I swear it sounded like the Jetsons space craft in one instance.

  17. Andy Sjostrom says

    Yea Sean, those cops were looking for some guy on a black Honda gold wing trike…hahahaha!

  18. Brett Allen says


  19. Lyle Schull says

    How come your parked across the line u have a whole space

  20. Sandy Crane says

    Love their fins on the side. More wind or no wind. Amazing ride

  21. David Barraco says

    Looks like a diabetic trike diabetic

  22. Harry Odum says

    I'm 75 and when the day I have to ride one of those thinks I get off and call it over!

  23. JAMES SKEEN says

    NO LEAN !

  24. Lex Kantoor says

    Whats the price of cool trike

  25. jshelmer1 says


  26. Jay Wolf says

    What do you call a bike that only highsides?

  27. Anne N. Nimity says

    The headline says bike..which is derived from bi which means 2. I see 3 wheels so this is a trike you cant drop

  28. Caca Detoro says

    Look! a Gold Wing with training wheels!. If you're going to buy a trike, forget the Harleys and the Wings. Get a trike that's designed from the drawing board to be a trike..that would be a Can Am Spyder. And, you'll tip a Harley or Wing trike long before you'll tip a Spyder.

  29. Robin Malster says

    Was quite interested in your vid until you did the God thing !!

  30. Korbin says

    DAMN Dude slow the hell down, going 40 in a 25 . Within the first 2 minutes you proved you ride your bike like a Douche.

  31. Tom O'Hawk says

    I switched off when you started the god bullshit

  32. Eduardo Salcedo says

    How much money las décadas

  33. Teal Tazmanian says

    He says, "King of the road" and reminded me of that western song. It IS TRUE THO! However, I say it just aq little differently, "Goldwing IS and ALWAYS has been THEEE KING OF TOURING".
    That acceleration sound getting on the interstate was super-awesome. Nice and throaty yet still quiet enough to keep your hearing in tact.

    My good buddy and riding Partner has gone to the trike because he says he lost his sense of balance. I get it and he's still getting his Bike Kicks. He tells me it is easier on him and less fatiguing for his wife.
    I road it a couple of times, once to fill it with gas for him and the other just to get some beverages. Both times it felt awesome and stable as any car. You're exactly correct that going into corners takes some different technics and feels so weird but becomes natural in just a few miles…BUT, it is unsettling at first because I instinctively felt I needed to start turning the bars the opposite direction and wanted to LEAN into the corner…caught before I really messed things up tho so no harm, no foul.
    It IS definitely a little smoother than my Goldwing over like stutter bumps, pot-holes and washboard roads so maybe, just maybe, someday down the road I'll have to get one IF I loose MY sense of balance.
    Again, great video, as always, I like your videos Brother so please keep 'Em Coming.

  34. OYASHEEE says

    which brand are you riding? or which other brand would you recommend to a complete beginner? I'm really thinking on getting one of this instead of a car

  35. Michael Paul says

    84 goldwing motortrike kit. Love it

  36. Jamie Powell says

    Wow stop praying nobody cares what the f*** is wrong with you. Nothing put me off faster I'm listening to that the beginning of your video

  37. Dennis Kucan says

    U rock and honest thats a fact

  38. Dennis Kucan says

    Were r u located, thanks..

  39. Mureed Nassif says

    I wish Toyota & other car manufacturers, do something like this👍.

  40. Old man from OC says

    I can take a corner faster in my old 99 Avalon, lol!

  41. BladeoftheImmortal says

    Gets rid of the point of Lane splitting, for me. Like, now I can sit in traffic on a trike instead of a car, yay?!!

  42. tigerman mccool says

    if trikes out of your budget , side car is always a good option

  43. gino gino says


  44. Chief Joseph says

    After knee surgery went to a trike. It’s nothing like a motorcycle. Just stay in your car.

  45. Karl Kuehn says

    Mine tipped last Friday. Went to stop while rolling at 25 mph. The trike jerked violently to the left, took out a mailbox, tipped on it's right side, threw us off, then tipped back on three wheels. My wife now has three broken ribs and a messed up shoulder.

  46. clive especkerman says

    Are all police man and lady's in America call officer's ?Any one how work in the police in America are officer's.They all have the qulifications of an officer 🤔 . What about the ganiter a they police station .I am confuse .Please let me now please.

  47. Trucker-D says

    I would do the full tilt motor, conversion myself

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