Was Spieth’s chest pound toward Poulter too much while down 10-6? Or do you love it?

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Was Spieth’s chest pound toward Poulter too much while down 10-6? Or do you love it?

It seemed that Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, coming off an emotional 2&1 victory against Ian Poulter and Jon Rahm in the morning fourballs match, got somewhat of a stern talking to from the United States’ “task force” coming off the final green. Which makes sense; the “I can’t hear you” and ball-carrying celebrations don’t play as well when getting blown out by the opposition. But, on the flip side, the squad needed an emotional boost from somewhere.

In their afternoon foursomes match against Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy, it seemed as though JT and Spieth had relatively toned down the celebrations, while Poulter kept up his incessant chest pounding. But Spieth and JT didn’t tone down the birdies; they pulled out another W, winning the afternoon match 4&3.

On the last hole, however, Spieth celebrated with a clear “in-your-face” 3-pump chest pound, imitating Ian Poulter’s celebrations throughout the day. Not a big deal in the Ryder Cup atmosphere, but, the putt was to move from down 10-5 against the Europeans to 10-6. Maybe not the right time to gloat?

Spieth explains the Poulter celebration: “(Ian Poulter) pounded his chest on us earlier today, so I was waiting for the right moment”

— GolfWRX (@GolfWRX)

Steve Sands was on the scene of the 15th green (where the match concluded) and asked Spieth himself about the celebration.

Sands: One of the things that makes this event so fascinating is the emotion coming, pouring out of you guys while you’re competing, something we don’t normally see on a regular basis week-in and week-out. You’re pounding your chest, clearly sending a message. Just curious what it’s like to play with that type of emotion with all of these people around.

Spieth: “Yea I mean Ian (Poulter), being a Ryder Cup guru, to have him twice today and win, and he pounded his chest on us earlier today. So I was waiting for the right moment. And I think to win the match this afternoon felt like the right time. Clearly we’re down 4 points so in the scheme of things we shouldn’t necessarily be celebrating, but for us two to get that point, the way that we played today, and the battle we had with those guys, both matches, it was emotional. It was awesome. It feels like you’re competing on a Sunday in a major every single hole during the Ryder Cup. And that’s what’s advantageous when you start to see putts go in like that, we can use that going forward.”

What do you think about Spieth’s celebration? Too much, or exactly what the United States needed to gain a bit of momentum?

Was Spieth’s chest pound toward Poulter too much while down 10-6? Or do you love it?

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