Warm Up For Better Golf – 7 Simple Steps

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Athletes from all sports spend a lot of time figuring out how to best prepare themselves for competition and developing a great warm up is an essential step.

Golf pros are no different, if you attend an event, you will notice the players going through extensive pre-round warm up routines. Making a good warm up routine part of your game will help you play better, avoid injuries, and of course, enjoy the game more.

Recent research has shown that adding some physical exercises to your warm up improves your distance by up to 12%. For more information on golf research visit www.per4m.ca/golf.

The first step is to arrive early. 60 minutes before your round give you time to check in, get organized and head to the driving range. Before you start hitting balls, you should spend 5-10 minutes going through some dynamic stretches. This pre-game warm up routine is designed to increase your range of motion, increase blood flow to your joints and muscles, and to prepare your body for the requirements of the upcoming round. The pre-game warm up exercises should be performed in a smooth, rhythmic fashion, without pain, while gradually increasing the range of motion. Breathe smoothly and deeply during your warm up.

• Lunges: 20 / leg or walking 2 laps of the practice area

Perform walking lunges keeping great upper body posture at all times. Use this to warm up your legs and to open up your hips. If you lose your balance, hold your abs tighter while walking.


• Chest Opening Swings: 2x 20 swings

Standing with good posture, take both arms and cross them in front of your chest at shoulder level, then open your arms completely using the muscles in your back. Perform walking lunges keeping great upper body posture at all times. Use this to warm up your legs and to open up your hips. If you lose your balance, hold your abs tighter while walking.



• Side Opening Stretch: 3-5 x per side hold for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds

Standing tall with your hands at your sides, slowly bend to one side and slide our hand down the outside of the leg. Exhale and you stretch, and inhale as you rise back to standing. Repeat to the other side.



• Trunk Rotations: 2-3 x 10 full rotations full range of motion start to finish, full range of motion start to finish

Standing tall, place a club across the back of your shoulders and hold the ends of the club in either hand. Maintain upright tall posture and coil your body to the right and then to the left. Hold for 2 seconds at the extent of your range of motion to the right and the left. Repeat 10 times. This can be done with a weight shift from the right leg to the left leg.


• Hamstring and Low back Stretch: 3 x hold for 5, hold for 5-10 seconds (avoid this one if you have low back pain)

From a standing position, curl forwards, starting with your head, then your upper torso, then at your hips and reach down your legs as far as comfortably possible. Hold this position for 2 deep breaths. Exhale as you drop down, and inhale deeply as you rise back to standing.



• Chest Opening: 3 times per arm hold for 5, hold for 5-10 seconds.

While standing, grasp the club behind you above your right shoulder with your right hand, and below and behind your left shoulder with your left hand. Begin with both elbows bent and the club close to your back. Pull down with your left hand and bend your right arm to stretch our right triceps. Then slowly straighten both arms and move the club away from your back to open your chest muscles.


• Finish with Swing Progressions:

Starting in your address posture, slowly begin swinging the club back and forth. Start very slowly and with small swings. Gradually increase both the range of motion of your swings and also the speed with which you swing the club. Try to maintain a smooth rhythm during this exercise. When you feel good, you are ready to start hitting balls.

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