Unlocking Your Golf Swing – Part 2

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Unlocking Your Golf Swing

A lot of golfers are told the key to a powerful golf swing is to “extend and release” on the follow-through. This is an excellent tip, but for many
recreational players like me, our daily habits ultimately preclude us
from making a good turn and a sound, repeatable swing.
Think about it: When we’re performing daily tasks from a seated
posture, our shoulders are rounded and our head is in a forward position. The typical result is tight muscle groups at the base of your neck and weak muscles at the bottom of your shoulder blades
In order to combat the effects of posturally-induced muscle imbalances of the upper body, try the following exercises several times a
week; the drills just take minutes.
1. Stand tall and extend both arms at length with your palms facing
forward. Squeeze both shoulder blades together, then release.
Repeat this motion between 10 and 12 times.
2. With this same posture, maintain the squeeze in your shoulder
blades and make 12 small clockwise circles, then repeat 12 in the
reverse direction.
3. Now, bend at the waist and lean onto a countertop or desk, placing
both arms at length. Extending one arm at a time, slide it forward
as far as it will go, flip your palm, then lift the entire arm toward
the ceiling without bending your elbow. Repeat the activity 10
times with each arm. You will notice that one arm will be more
difficult than the other, indicating a greater instability and
immobility on that side. Do more repetitions on that side.

YOU CAN FREE UP your swing for the season with the benefits and take-home messages of the aforementioned exercises. Whether at the office or on the course, learn to keep your head pulled back and 


minimize slouching by pulling your shoulder blades together and remaining at attention.

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