Unboxing The Tyler Golf Le Fleur Converse One Star

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After the success of April’s “Mono” collection, Tyler, The Creator and Converse’s collaborative Golf Le Fleur footwear line are back at it again for the summer. Tyler’s latest four-pack of eccentric takes on the Converse One Star feature bright and bold two-tone color schemes. The shoes are set to release June 1st.

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  1. MerksVIII says

    I ordered my size 8.5 will it be big or am I good???

  2. Anthony Rivera says

    Fucking putting me to sleep.Goddamn lmao

  3. Regan G says

    Getting my pair on Monday 💖

  4. TealTown 408 says


  5. imjonathandude says

    Song? It’s vibey

  6. Skoodle Noodle says

    Thanks everyone for all the positive replies on my first comment of this video. Every single one of y’all really hit my core 🙏

  7. Jorge Saqui says


  8. JT_INKLING says

    I just copped the pink and orange

  9. GianniBravo says

    Not cool stealing from a bowling alley bro.

  10. Prins Alvino says

    are they limited edition?

  11. Freddy Purp says

    I just got the purple and green color way I wanted the blue and red ones but they sold out

  12. let0r says

    Now that I think Vans fucked up BIG time!

  13. ginko baloba says

    I just got them today, these are my fav colourway

  14. Smallzz ツ says

    What’s the website

  15. Rishi Caban says

    Are they only available in mens sizes?

  16. Johannes Nykjær says

    Is it just me or if u have it on and walk it says like a squeky noice

  17. Eagles Nation Highlights says

    Let’s have a vote reply with the best colorway!!!

  18. caden says

    don’t wear converse, but I love Tyler.

    instant cop.

  19. Krista Anheluk says

    I have 3 pairs of these for sale, let me know if you’re interested

  20. Hugo Tessier says

    I have thé Green and purple

  21. B. Mike says

    Tyler x Van's shoes were better

  22. jaja jajja says


  23. WhenInROME says

    Diva blue yeah that’s gay

  24. Ángel says


  25. Imabite says

    What's the background music

  26. Maddex K says

    I got the green and purple ones and they look good af

  27. iamshook says

    soo i normally get size 41EU but they are always to small. so i got these in size 42 , will they be too big for me ??

  28. Man Guy says

    Could I skate in them? They look really premium

  29. Eliphasleviathan93 says

    Just gonna straight copy the babe star?

  30. Leading Streetwear says


  31. Janne Merten says

    Will they come back?🤔

  32. Mia Berlen says

    where can I get them

  33. Mia Berlen says

    where can I get them

  34. Mia Berlen says

    every time I go online their sold out

  35. Prophets 4 Profits says


  36. Soren Naegle says

    How much

  37. Soren Naegle says

    Kinda look like bowling alley shoes

  38. Ambre Lifestyle says

    where did you find them ?

  39. Dominikamimari!!! チャージボルト says

    I real reason why I like these are because…

    1. Spider man

    2. Cubs

    3. They help me match with anything

  40. Sebolelo Malesa says

    Please show where we can my the golf le fleurs online worldwide

  41. Joshua Hang says

    I am 4’11 and I am a male. My shoe size is 5.5 for grade school, will they fit me in size 5.5? Did they ever come in grade school size?

  42. Shizzy Mack says

    That's a cool looking shoe

  43. Kids Play says

    vans x golf le fleur would be better i think. i would 🔥 cop 🔥

  44. XO says

    Why does it come in a potato sack

  45. Howard Swan says

    I said the phrase “that’s so fucking sexy” at least 30 times and my mom thought I was watching porn

  46. Weed Nose says

    Can you skate in them??

  47. Natalia Sanch3z says

    where do i get them from??///?/????????

  48. iBoyBeasty says

    Are there fakes of these that exist because I keep seeing them for crazy deal like $50 on random websites. Someone please help 🙁

  49. XGoblinBoi says

    I wish I picked these up when I had the chance

  50. Adama Kpaan Jr says

    that collab real wavy

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