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Combination Fungicides

Combination Fungicides

  • No compromise contact and systemic protection
  • A resistance management option even during summer stress periods
  • Proprietary stick-and-stay technology
  • Excellent control of tough turf diseases from root to leaf tip

  • Green and fairway fungicide with dual modes of action
  • Controls major turf diseases, including brown patch and dollar spot
  • Low 0.75 oz/1,000 ft2 rate for cost-effective fairway control

  • Provides excellent control of snow mold
  • Broad-spectrum disease control, including anthracnose, dollar spot, gray leaf spot, summer patch, and more
  • Multiple active ingredients to optimize efficacy and resistance management
  • Multiple modes of action for both contact and systemic protection

  • Ideal disease control for the entire course
  • Dual modes of action, both contact and systemic
  • Outstanding dollar spot protection at low rates
  • Efficient and economical control of 13 prevalent turf diseases

Specialty Fungicides

Specialty Fungicides

  • Premier fungicide for preventive dollar spot control
  • Broad-spectrum protection against summer patch, brown patch, and many other diseases
  • Carries the Caution signal word
  • Virtually no odor, in a highly compatible, easy-mixing MAXX® formulation

  • No. 1 contact turf fungicide, with proven disease control
  • An important tank-mix/rotation partner
  • Effective in resistance management programs
  • Premium, proven leading-edge formulation technology—sticks and stays
  • Available as a WDG, flowable, and flowable with zinc formulations—efficacious against algae/cyanobacteria

  • Maximizes disease control from root to leaf tip
  • Broad-spectrum control of the toughest turf diseases
  • Delivers total systemic control (roots, stolons, shoots) at every stage of pathogen’s life cycle
  • Available in a highly soluble, spreadable granule, a waterdispersible granule, and fast-acting turf liquid
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