Three Common Golf Grip Types – Simple Guide

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Golf Grip Types

  1. Ten fingered grip or Baseball: all fingers are touching the grip.
  2. Interlock grip: The little finger of your trailing hand interlocks the index finger of your lead hand.
  3. Overlap or Vardon grip: The little finger of the trailing hand lays over the index and middle finger of the lead hand.

The most commonly used grip types are the Overlap and Interlock

Whichever grip you choose, keep the hands close together; this will help them work together.

The Importance of the Grip

The hands control the club face, by placing the hands on the handle properly at the beginning of the stroke will help enable you to return the club face square to the target line which of course will help direction. The grip outlined below can be use for all shots (the putting grip will vary).


When placing your hands on the handle of the club, you will find that you will grip the club more in your fingers. The next time you are at the range feel how you are carrying your basket of balls in either hand. I think you will fine that you carry the bucket more in your fingers.

Do not squeeze the handle so tight that your wrist will not move freely.

The pressure applied to the handle will be slightly greater in the last 3 fingers of your lead hand and ring and middle

fingers of your trailing hand.

In General: The V’s formed by your thumb and index finger of your right and left hand will point towards your trailing shoulder.

Take your grip with the shaft vertically in front of you with the grip end about chest high, this will help you place the grip/handle more in your fingers. When bringing the club to waist high (parallel to the ground), making sure the toe of the club and scoring lines on the club face are vertical. (pointing straight up and down).

Leading Hand Position

The grip will be more in your fingers. This position allows you to place the heel pad on top of the golf grip.

The thumb position will be just off the centerline of the grip (towards the trailing side). View third picture.

Trailing Hand Position

The underside of the golf grip will be more across second knuckles on the middle and ring finger.

The thumb position will be just off the centerline of the grip (towards the leading hand).

Place the base of the thumb (fleshy area) against the thumb of the leading hand.

The thumb should be positioned to the leading side with the thumb lightly touching the index finger.

View the second and fourth pictures.

Common problems:

  • pressure exerted to the club is too great
  • golf grip is too much in the palms of the hands
  • back of lead hand is rotated towards the target.
  • the thumb of lower hand is too much on top or behind the top line of the grip
  • lower hand is too much under the club


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