The Pyramid Of Learning (P5)

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Please try this slowly and gradually at first as for many players of all standards– even professionals these moves and sensations may be slightly different from normal.

  1. Left foot to right ankle
  2. Left ankle to right shin
  3. Left shin to right knee
  4. Left knee to right thigh
  5. Left thigh toright hip
  6. Left hip to right abs
  7. Left abs to right chest
  8. Left chest to right shoulder
  9. Left shoulder

… now you should be at the top of your backs wing in a great position, coiled up like as pring waiting to be released.(i.e. your weighth as fully rotated in to your right side,the shaft is pointing ‘parallelleft’ of target, your club face and left arm are nicely parallel to your swing plane, and your balance points are in line.


From the top of the back swing you initiate the down swing by simply reversing the process from the ground up:

  1. Right ankle to left foot
  2. Right shin to left ankle
  3. Right knee to left shin
  4. Right thigh to left knee

Now from here your body starts to open up as the coi lmoves up and around your body

  1. Right hip to left abs
  2. Right abs to left chest
  3. Right chest to left shoulder
  4. Right shoulder…

…By now you should be in a great follow-through position– i.e. your weighth as almost totally transferred over your left foot; your hips point to wards target,your shoulder spoint left of target, sole of right shoe faces away from target and you are in perfect balance.

You can also start this exercise by holding a club across your shoulders with both hands instead ofthe pre setposition described above.

I cover this action extensively on my dvd as i believe it is one ofthe best exercises you can do to improve your golf with out hitting a ball and in my experience it will benefit the majority of club golfers out there. Every body can do this but only to their own personal physical ability. I’m not asking you to be a yoga expert, do it under your owns team.


Efficiency is the key to getting the most out of your golf swing. And to do this we must use natural forces such as centrifugal force and gravity to our best advantage. We must there fore swing our arms in balance.


A: In the first image above all natural forces are working together. The arms are swinging freely underneath the body with centrifugal force and gravity sending the club head to wards the ball on the correct path. This is aposition the one-armonly drill (right) can help you to achieve. If you swing the club in balance, it’s immediately more efficient.

B: Problems! In the second of the images above, the arms are swinging out and away from the body, similar to abase ball swing. Therefore, natural forces are forcing the club away from the impact area. From this position you have to work very hard to get the club head on the correct path which will result in compensations during the swing. Poor balance, hip drive and body falling back.

C: Another common sight in this position, the arms are swinging into the body and,once again,it will require a lot of effort and compensation between here and the moment of impact to get the club head approaching the ball on the correct path. Fromhere, I would expect to see ‘hip-spin’ through the ball, pulling the shoulders out of plane and getting too steep on the ball. The arms and the club are out of balance because the body is out of balance,

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