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Hitting balls with your feet together is a simple and effective drill that helps you to harmonise the swinging of the arms with the rotation of your body. The key is to focus on these balance points and keep them all working together for the good of the swing.

Another benefit of this drill is that it encourages you to keep your knee and chinlevels constant through out, which is important.

Give it a try next time you are at the range. Just try hitting a few sets of 10 balls with a 7 iron (I’d always suggest playing the ball off a tee-peg to get youg oing) and then go back to hitting balls normally (i.e. with are gular stance)  to see the difference as you improve your balance and the harmony between arms and body. Try and maintain this balanced feel in your full swing to build consistency and control.


REMEMBER: You swing in balance. You do not swing to stay in balance. It is very important to make this distinction, and your PGA professional can explain this to you. I see too many golfers doing this exercise incorrectly; they swing their arms but keep their body still. They are swinging to stay in balance, and not enjoying a swinging motion that is the result of the body and arms working together.



A lot of golf instruction and well meaning tips you have no doubt heard from fellow players surround the subject of weight transfer during the back swing and down swing. You have probably heard how important it is to transfer weight to your right foot during the back swing and the left on the down swing; you may have even suffered the dreaded ‘reverse-pivot’ at some point in time.

What you may not have heard is that the weight does not just transfer laterally from left to right foot during the back swing. Your weight actually travel supand around the body from the ground up on the back swing; and down and around on the down swing, starting again from the ground up.

Think of it like a ‘spiral stair case’ (as per the effect on the images above),a three-dimensional movement (and not simply alateral movement) and you will encouragea better body action which will help you swing in balance, position the club correctly on plane and createa consistent action for a powerful delivery.

The “Spiral Stair case” is an exercise many of my players do every day,and you will often see players such as big hitting world-ranked No.6 player Henrik Stens on doing this on the range.

Take your normal address position with perfect posture(right hip and shoulder slightly lower than left).Then find your natural arm hang and grip position(as described last issue) and pre-set your wrists as pictured.You simply do this byallowing agentle rotation of your fore arms and hands approximately 45 degrees to the right (as seen in the first picture in this sequence). This should feel natural– do not force this movement. From this pre-set position it is easy to find your natural swing plane.

Now start your back swing by slowly saying the following to yourself and at the same time feeling the corresponding movements in your body. Your arms and hands will move in unison following the spiral as you turn a way from target.

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