The Old School Power Golf move for more powerful (P1)

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Harry Vardon who has been called the Grand Father of modern Golf was born May 9th 1870 in New Jersey, one of 6 boys and 2 girls in his family. He grew up the son of working class parents in semi-rural New Jersey who had the good fortune of living right next to one of the first premier golf courses built on the east coast of the United States. At the age of 7 Harry watched as construction crews surveyed and built the tees, fairways and green of the Royal Jersey Golf Club. So from the age of 7 years old young Harry became a student of the game of golf and his development of the fundamentals of golf are in some opinions single handedly responsible for the growth of golf into the modern game that it is today. The Vardon grip is still widely used by many golf pros today, and of course the Vardon trophy is still awarded to the golfer who has the lowest scoring average for the entire season. So it’s of little wonder that the fundamentals that Harry Vardon established back in the 1800’s are still of consequence today.

What follows is the one golf move that will help all players to hit the golf ball with power and consistency, improve their swing and lower their scores. This one single move is based on specific principals that involve using the power of LEVERAGE in the golf swing. It’s LEVERAGE that the top notch golfer uses for effortless power to maximize distance and shoot lower scores. Most amateur players do not know how to use this power, many play for years and years and never really understand how to use the golf club as a LEVER to hit the best shots of their lives.

While the golf swing is made up of many different parts there are several principals that must be followed in order in cause the golf ball to fly a certain way. Now with that being said the simplest way for you to hit the golf ball with explosive power with laser like accuracy is to use


The single most important component in delivering all the power possible to the golf ball is the proper use of the wrist cock.

While it may not sound like it could have such a profound effect on your golf swing, using your wrists the correct way in the golf swing will give you the power and consistency your looking for.

Harry Vardon say’s “The power in your swing is delivered to the ball through your hands, and your hands are controlled by your wrists.”

This program is designed to help you feel and learn how to use  a correct wrist cock and to incorporate this feeling into your swing as a whole.

While this is only one part of the golf swing, if you master this one single move you will harness the power of LEVERAGE and be more consistent and accurate as well. Please use this e-book as a work book and take it with you to the range so you can do the Power Swing Exercises properly.

Changing your golf swing can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you have been playing golf for a long time and your swing thoughts and habits are deeply rooted. To get the very most from these 4 exercises take 1 hour of time and go to the practice range, do the exercises and then immediately go to play a round of golf. Another good recommendation that we have had great success with is to use the “Backward Break” move as a “waggle” before your hit a shot. Using the Hinge as a Waggle will help you stay focused on the feeling to develop and change your swing habits quicker.

Power Swing Exercise #1 Backward Break Move : {Right Handed Golfer} This is called an Early backward wrist break. This is where your power will come from!


You must go to the range and practice these swing moves before you try it on the course.

The Old School Power Golf move for more powerful

The Old School Power Golf move for more powerful (P1)

The Old School Power Golf move for more powerful (P1), golf

Grip the golf club {Use a 5 iron} as you normally would, and set it down in the

center of your stance. Read the description of the move in fig. 13A

Feel your wrists and hands hinge BACKWARD as shown in 13A. If you roll your left wrist as in 13B you will open the club face and hit a weak shot to the right ! You MUST follow the 13A diagram.

Now your first exercise is to move the club to the inside as in 13A by using only your wrists. This will feel totally wrong at first but you need to make this move correctly to be in the proper position at the top of your back swing.

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