The Old School Power Golf Move For More Powerful (End)

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Power Swing exercise #2 -Rotate to the top.

Once you master the Backward break wrist cock, simply rotate to the top of your back swing. You MUST maintain the wrist cock at the top of your swing. If your left wrist collapses you will lose the proper club face orientation and hit the ball weakly to the right. Notice the complete shoulder turn in the diagram

The Old School Power Golf Move For More Powerful (End)

Power Swing exercise #3- Feel the shoulder turn

A proper shoulder turn and swing width is critical to un-Leashing the stored power in your swing. To feel the proper shoulder turn and swing width, take your normal address position with no club, make a fist and “Jab” your left hand {for right handed players} toward your right side. You will again FEEL the proper swing width and shoulder turn. By doing this exercise you will develop the feeling of a proper shoulder turn and how to load your right side with stored energy.

Power Swing exercise #4: Hinge and rotate

Hinge and rotate: Hinge your wrists with a backward break for a proper wrist cock as in Exercise #1 Then rotate to a 3⁄4 swing keeping your wrists in the hinged position. A good check point at the 3⁄4 position is your right elbow should be over your right hip. From the 3⁄4 position you then have a straight path to the top of your back swing. From the 3⁄4 position simply move to the top of your back swing while keeping your wrist hinge in place.

Now you have a direct line to the top of your back swing, simply continue to rotate from 3⁄4 to the top.

Can you feel the stored energy ?

Now simply un-wind your swing and fire through the hitting zone and your golf ball will absolutely explode off your club.

To strike the ball like Harry Vardon and get maximum distance with every club in your bag, you need to harness the power of leverage. It’s LEVERAGE that provides the power in golf not brute strength. Although it doesn’t hurt if you are big and strong and in great Golf shape when it comes to hitting the Golf ball a long way.

Practice and groove these swing exercises so the Wrist Cock becomes a natural part of your golf swing. Do this, and you’ll never have to buy the drinks again after your round.

I hope you Enjoy blasting drives, throwing “Darts” with your Iron’s and Dominating your golf crew with your new Old school Golf Swing and your newly found Old school power !

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