The Golf Swing: The Fundamentals – Part 1

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Fundamental #1 – Grip & Set-Up

The grip and set-up should be viewed as putting parts of a machine together. The right parts connected in the right way will allow the golf swing to work as best as possible. The wrong parts will make it difficult if not impossible for the swing to work.

Grip Keys

  • Main Influence – Direction

    Grip Keys
    Grip Keys
  • There is no greater influence on the angle of your clubface at impact than the grip.
  • Grip in both hands near the base of the fingers at a slight diagonal so that at the index finger the club is between the two middle knuckles.
    Butt end of the club should be tucked underneath the outer pad of the left hand.
    Creases formed by the thumbs and forefingers should point 

    Stance & Posture Keys
    Stance & Posture Keys

    at right shoulder.
    Moderate grip pressure, the club should not turn in your hands.

  • Stance & Posture Keys
    Main Influence – Direction & Distance

    Grip & Set-Up
    Grip & Set-Up
  • Your set-up will help determine the club’s path and speed. The golf
    swing is essentially a rotational motion and your set-up will allow you
    to turn your body efficiently to create speed and power.
    Push your hips back and bend from the waist, keep your back
    Shoulders should not extend out over your toes.
    Knees slightly flexed
    Arms hanging down, hands 4-6 inches from your legs.
    Width of stance varies, should be wider for longer clubs.
  • Alignment Keys
    Main Influence – Direction
    The two main alignment features are your body and clubface.
    Feet, hips and shoulders should be parallel to target line. NEVER, NEVER point your body at the target. Your body is on an alignment that is parallel and left of the target.
    Your shoulder alignment influences the path your arms swing on.
    The leading edge of the clubface should be at right angles to your body alignment
    and target line.
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