Review: TaylorMade 2017 P770 Golf Iron Set

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Already being used by professionals, the P770 Iron Set blends technology, craftsmanship, and style to create a product that appeals to a broad range of players, especially those with a 15 handicap or less. Developed with professional players, including Si Woo Kim, who won the Player’s Championship using them, the P770 set is the successor to the widely used PSI series. Built on that approach, it combines new tech and innovative ideas to deliver all the performance, along with some added forgiveness.

However, while brand professionals use them, and a series built on a legacy of excellent products make great sales material, the real question is whether their real-world performance lives up to their hype.


Using a matte, forged 1025 Carbon Steelhead, the P770 set stands out immediately with a classy, professional finish. The polished chrome strip to the rear adds a touch of style that other clubs may lack. The tungsten back bar gives weight and a contrast finish and adds a level of refinement to the overall finish, which I like.

While there is plenty of technology packed into these clubs, from the outside, it is well-hidden. The understated design and beautiful craftsmanship ooze quality. This set is, without a doubt, one which the majority will love.


With a slightly larger head than some player clubs making more use of the cavity design at the back, the P770s put weight where it counts, and the feel is exceptional, as a result. They are certainly at the players’ end of what you would expect, but that extra thickness at the base gives a more muted feel than the crispness of thinner alternatives. The sound also follows a similar route, lacking the tight click that many players sets will deliver.


The clever tungsten bar at the rear is lighter in the middle, pushing weight towards the toe and heel and providing a more forgiving performance that you may expect from this type of iron. Finding the center of the face is easier than the head size would suggest, making them a very consistent set when in use.


The key to the performance here is the tungsten bar, which lowers the center of gravity of the P770s and makes it easier to obtain height and distance. The compact head makes them easy to control, and they are great for those looking to shape the golf ball. They do this while maintaining a level of forgiveness that exceeds most players clubs out there.

Distance Control

The weight that is positioned lower on the back than many, and well-distributed thanks to the shaped tungsten, gives plenty of power. Even with a mishit, height and distance can be maintained.

For anyone who has considered using players clubs, the slightly larger head and forgiveness of the PP70s can make a difference in pushing your game to the next level, bringing both distance and control together.


While the technology that the P770 sets employed provides these irons with forgiveness and performance that few can match, some competitors in the players clubs market offer a little better feel or a little less performance penalty. For many players at the level that these clubs target, the idea of a cavity back iron is still a downside itself, no matter how good the performance is.


For those with low handicaps looking to take their game to the next step, the P770 sets present a great combination of performance and forgiveness. With a slightly larger head than the pure player-focused P750 range, they offer the qualities of a players club with more usability, enabling players to finesse their game more smoothly.

They look great, perform well and offer something extra to players, especially to those who want to explore shaping the golf ball.

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