Review: TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Irons

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As one of the most popular brands for golf clubs over the last few years, the TaylorMade M2 series are a familiar sight.However, being famous does not mean they are the best choice for everyone. So, what are they like?

Before taking a closer look, it is always good to see what the manufacturer says. In the case of the M2 series, they were designed with distance control and light trajectory in mind. Developed based on new face-slot technology, the irons have a thinner topline and a deeper speed pocket. What does that mean in practice?


TaylorMade has produced a series of very high-tech looking clubs, and they wear that technology with pride, with the broad and rounded head showing off all the engineering that helps you with every swing. For me, they inspire confidence. While their head is thinner than that of the previous versions of the M2 series, it is broad and rounded. The vertical slots on the club face can help with positioning, a bonus for those who are just starting out.


All that technology is not just for the looks. The M2 clubs deliver a powerful feel, with the heavy sole providing a confidence-building weight. The clubs are solid and steady in all situations and give a pleasingly rich and commanding sound. They are ready for any situation and can handle whatever you challenge them. In short, they are a pleasure to use. The M2 series’ combination of advanced technology and solidity truly brings confidence to your game.


Probably the most forgiving irons on the market today, the M2 sets are great for getting results, with even mishits giving good loft and distance. The clubs provide better control over not only distance but also direction, even when you are having a bad day. You will get consistent speed and height, and distance is always exceptional.


On the market today, no iron is easier to hit than the M2s. They deliver constant, massive distance and height even if you do not hit the sweet spot. The secret to that is the face slots and speed pocket working together, which makes a real difference. These irons allow some flex in the face, which makes it a pleasure to use them.

Strong enough to control the rough, with enough finesse to deliver control when you need it, the M2 series are versatile irons that offer players assistance in every situation.

Distance Control

Build a Custom TaylorMade 2017 M2 Iron, 4, 2017 M2 Reax (Graphite), Senior
Build a Custom TaylorMade 2017 M2 Iron, 4, 2017 M2 Reax (Graphite), Senior

The lower center of gravity of this model gives the ball height right from the start. Coupled that with high ball speed, even off-center, anyone who can deliver some swing speed will get great distance from these irons.

With the M2, you can achieve as much as a half-club longer distance. By holding back just a little, you can obtain the distances of other clubs, while focusing on technique instead of power, an excellent option for beginners and improvers.


The M2 series look striking and fantastic, but their style may not be for everyone. When looking at the whole set, the 8-iron to PW lack the speed pocket and the forgiveness that goes with it, making it a much different experience to the rest of the series. Besides, although the technology built into the M2 series does deliver on range and consistency, some may feel that they lack the finesse of their competitors and as a result, limit creativity.


A true long-distance specialist, the forgiving nature of the M2s makes it great for beginners and improvers alike. While their looks may not be to everyone’s taste, their performance surely will be. With an easy-hitting feel and forgiveness of errors, they are an improvement on the previous model, and one of the best options on the market today.

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