Review: TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Golf Iron Set

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These M1 game-improvement irons, available in both steel and graphite shaft variations, are designed to be the go-to set for players with a 20 or below handicap looking for an extra edge to help them progress. Using 15 grams of high-density tungsten mounted low down in the toe, the center of gravity is lower, but also more central, than that of many competitors, which helps to create an iron that offers more speed and distance even for off-center hits.


Featuring vertical slots for accurate positioning and well-integrated low positioned weight, these clubs employ a lot of technology while maintaining a clean look to improve playability. With minimum offsets and a more compact head than the M2s, they could easily be mistaken for a player’s club.

The satin chrome finish provides a touch of class and creates a beautiful and streamlined look. The technology used works well with the overall shape and style and creates an immaculate finish.


With the center of gravity central and low, the M1 sets give a pleasant, deep sound, which is like a clap greeting your best swing and something that those around you will also enjoy. The more compact head provides a weighty feel and is easily positioned thanks to the vertical slots, creating a confidence-boosting club, as a game-improvement iron should be. M1 sets are clubs that can take on any situation, and when the going is rough, you never feel disappointed in them. They can deliver good results when you need them, strong and powerful at all times.


While the head may be compact, as you would expect from a players club, through clever shaping and positioning of the tungsten weight, the center of gravity is perfectly positioned. In combination with the vertical face slots, they make the M1s surprisingly forgiving clubs. Mishits still achieve reasonable distance and the speed that is at the heart of the club’s performance, while the vertical slots make positioning for that sweet spot easier.


Slightly more shallow in angle than some, as you might expect, the M1s tend to fire the ball out more than firing it up. However, they do generate enough ball speed to achieve both the height and distance you want through the flight. What stands out with the M1 set, though, is consistency. The combination of power and forgiveness means that even on a bad swing, you can still get reasonable distance, and that means whatever you do, you always feel the club is helping you every step of the way. It is strong enough to cope with the rough with ease, and wherever you are hitting from, you get that same punch and performance every time.

Distance Control

TaylorMade 2017 M1 9 Single Iron Steel Stiff Shaft
TaylorMade 2017 M1 9 Single Iron Steel Stiff Shaft

The proper weight distribution and speed pocket help to produce good distance. You can add an extra 10 yards to your swings thanks to these irons, which can make a real difference to your game. The thing about the M1s is that extra yardage is available anywhere, whatever the lie because they are just that forgiving. Even without an actual swing, you will still get the distance you need thanks to the club.


Their smaller head makes the M1s more challenging to use than some other game-improvement clubs. In fact, its stablemate, the M2s, offer all the improved technology in an easier-to-use package, thanks to their larger heads. Besides, while the vertical face slots, rear bar, and speed pocket help to achieve fantastic performance, for those who prefer a more traditional approach, the resulting look and feel may be too much.


Bringing impressive technology and forgiveness into a more compact package, the M1s are better players irons built on a game-improvement approach. Their performance cannot be denied, and for those who love the technology approach, these new irons will be irresistible. For low handicap players who want something extra to take their game to the next level, there are few to match the M1s.


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