How to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs

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1 Introduction

It goes without saying that the result of a golf match mostly depends on the quality of golf clubs besides your ability to hit good shots. However, golf equipment, especially golf clubs, is a critical investment, making it a requirement worth paying attention to for the sake of long durability.
Presented as follows are several recommendations you should consider to take the best care of your precious golf club.

2 How to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs

How to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs


Storage plays an important role in keeping the golf club in the best condition. It is imperative that you should store your club in a dry place at the room temperature and refrain from placing it in a car trunk or garage where moisture and temperature can cause rust or woodworm. On the other hand, high temperatures could quickly wear off the glue which is responsible for connecting the grip and club head.
An indoor closet should be considered to be an ideal place to put away your golf club as it helps to minimize the club’s exposure to the unstable temperature or humidity.

Cleaning After Rounds and Games

Cleaning is essential to keep the club perfect for the game. Remember to bring along a piece of dry cloth to clean grips and club heads regularly throughout the game; this proves extremely helpful in the rainy weather condition when debris easily pervades the club and in turn, adversely affects your next swing.
After coming home, before putting the club away, it is necessary to plunge the club head into warm water mixed with mild dish soap and make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough not to damage the ferrule. Afterward, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to scrub along grooves on the surface of the club and then rewash it with cool water. In any case, do not let the ferrule come into contact with the water.
Never put the golf club away when it is still wet, so it makes sense to use a soft towel to dry the head carefully; otherwise, your club head may end up being rusted.

Make Use of Head Covers

Irons, drivers, and woods are susceptible to wear and tear. As a result, head covers are frequently used to protect your woods, irons, and drivers from accidental damages, especially when you take them out of and put them back into the golf bag.
Bear in mind that the club head must be completely cleaned and dried before the head cover is put on.

Treat Shafts with Great Care

Depending on the shaft material, there are different ways to maintain it. In any case, pay attention to dents, nicks and splits for a prompt replacement, or else, it will affect your scores. Remember that shafts are more likely to have higher risks of damage during a chip shot if players bang off the turf, or during a backswing, if you hit a rock.

For steel shafts, wipe them with a towel, apply some car wax and keep them in a dry environment. In the event of rust spots being detected, a fine grade steel wool can be used to remove them. Contact your golf equipment professionals if heavy pitting appears.

For graphite shafts, wipe them with water and a soft cloth, dry carefully and apply some quality furniture wax as a finish coat. In addition, they should be protected with longneck head covers.

Inspect Grips on a Regular Basis

Inspect Grips on a Regular Basis

A good grip is necessary to ensure a good game; therefore, take out the grip for cleaning at least once a month even if you do not play golf during that time. Doing this will immediately repair any signs of stain caused by sunscreen, sweat, etc.

While doing the cleaning, watch out for slickness or worn areas, which are warning signs of replacement.  You can consult the pro shop available at each course for help to replace, or you can do it yourself. In general, the cost of grip replacement is not so expensive, depending on the initial cost of purchase.

3 Conclusion

The maintenance of a golf club turns out not so difficult as you might be thinking of. Follow these above tips and the life of a golf club can be considerably prolonged, thereby saving you a significant sum of money.

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