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In this video I go over shipping tips for eBay and CGC and announced the giveaway winner for the Something is Killing the Children comics.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Basement Collectibles says

    Thanks for watching! Let’s discuss how you ship your comics safety! Congrats to the giveaway winner!

  2. Jeff Bozeman says

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Qu e says

    I think the best way is in a extra box and often you already see at the offer if the seller knows what hes doing

  4. Vp says

    Really useful information, i'm still shocked at how people deliver! I mean how hard could it really be ahah. Congrats to Kevin!

  5. sjvr13 says

    My wife usually keeps or brings home empty boxes so I can use for shipping.

  6. Comic Journey says

    People just need to use common sense when shipping and packaging comics. I know common sense is not common with lot of people but I feel that a lot of people improperly package the Comics because they just don't care.

  7. Emmanuel Cabrera says

    Thanks Jordan for sharing! I also like sending pre-shipping pictures and USPS expected delivery date/tracking number. I am new to shipping (I was doing local pick up for a while), so this is very helpful. Do you use bubble wrap for individual issues?

  8. Yoda’sPalace! Z says

    Thanks for the tips.

  9. reimon_ boi says

    I’m glad you did this video because I still been having trouble with eBay sellers dropping the ball big time with comic books, yes they might issue a partial refund but some spine tics or folds won’t come off with a clean and press and will kill your grade if sending to cgc plus the time and money if you get it pressed somewhere else than when sending it in to cgc, hopefully people that didn’t know now they know 😜 have a nice weekend Jordan!!!

  10. Callen Lowe says

    I’ve received my fair share of terribly packaged books, if only we could get the “non collectors” that sell to watch your content the world would be just a little better off, good tips man!

  11. Amanda says

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats Kevin!

  12. Nik Pirce says

    Another great video Jordan, thanks for these awesome tips. I think you nailed the most important part, which is the fact that you need to take the time to source the correct packaging materials and just take time and care when packaging. I feel like most people just don't want to spend the time and put the extra effort, which is unfortunate.Also another great tip of keeping/collection all shipping materials from when you receive books, I have been doing this so far so I have a nice stash of "free" supplies to use when I start to sell books!! Have a great weekend!

  13. Slota Pop says

    Awesome video. Being new to the hobby, all info is appreciated.

  14. The caped Crusader says

    I just got 5 books off of eBay he did use cardboard but didn’t tap the books to it they used a rubber band it just made with out damage now I don’t know how but it made it

  15. Key Chimp says

    Right on!

  16. Wayne Wong says

    +1 on packaging. If done poorly will not be a repeat buyer. Agree to recycle boxes you get to ship. Saves $ & time.

  17. Slota Pop says

    Do you use the shipping kits that you can get from CBC? Wasn't sure if they were necessary. Haven't sent any in yet but going to soon.

  18. GOAT Quotes says

    Congratulations Kevin!! Thanks for the tips.

  19. Case Cards says

    Congratulations Kevin

  20. Sanj Prasad says

    Awesome and informative vid! Great work Jordan!

  21. Ryan The Red says

    Always helpful to see other tips/techniques. I had a comic book nightmare a couple weeks ago. In lieu of cardboard, the book was sandwiched between paper plates. Needless to say, it was completely ruined. 😩

  22. Brick Hunter says

    Not one YouTube channel cover how to orient the cardboard sheet. The way Cardboards are built, it’s easy to fold one way and extremely difficult to fold against the corrugated grain. I’ve had eBay seller include cardboard sheet, however because it was placed wrong way it was folded by postman easily.

  23. phil ayling says


  24. Randy Laforett says

    Great video! I’m about to send my first submission to cgc soon!

  25. Kevin Z says

    Thanks you so much! I just can’t believe It.

  26. Joe says

    Nothing worse than receiving a damaged comic. Some great information in here. Have a great weekend my friend !

  27. GetsLost InComics says

    Great tips! Ikea flatpacked furniture comes with amazing packaging material. I reuse them when sending stuff out 😆

  28. Ameliå Jade says

    Great vid bro! Tons of great info for people new to shipping and even seasoned shippers. I love my Gemini mailers, you can grab a 100 pack off Amazon for under $70 Canadian. 70 cents per mailer is a great value for the security. 👍 keep up the vids, looking forward to NCBD vid!

  29. Falco Meister says

    my tipp: fold the book it saves costs 🙂

  30. joe fan says

    Thanks for the advice

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