Shipping Multi Piece China Set and More Beginners Ship With Me For Ebay

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I will show shipping 20+ pieces of Wedgwoo per request. We will also pull all items that sold and pack them! To “tip” me you can buy me a coffee here


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  1. Sandra Greek says

    Hi everyone, welcome back Kat!!!

  2. Toya - LEGGIADROUS Design Shopper says

    That was some good packing.

  3. Mary Jones says

    I'm confused. Why are the items for posh in your unsold? Did you have them listed on both eBay and posh? Please explain. Thanks Kat!!

  4. Sharon Duran says

    What happens when you have 2 items from same zip code. Same type item.?

  5. Maxine Bellows says

    I don't believe your inventory!!! Wow! So glad you are doing another shipping video!! Love those Keens!
    So you estimate the weight and dimensions when you list. Then you update while packing. If the customer paid $5 for shipping and you updated to $6, do you pay the difference?

  6. Courtney Dor2Vintage says


  7. Ebay Addicts says


  8. Sallythatsellergirl362 says

    Luv all ur vids so
    informational …im a newbie n still tryna figure out the dang shipping… im like u i sell everything n anything n i guess shipping is different on everything? Idk ughhh i want to charge the buyer not do free…but its all so confusing …idk y its so
    hard for me to get lol
    Ive been doing poshmark for like 2 yrs part time… Shipping is so ez over there…but Ebay is a whole diff. beast lol

  9. Maxine Bellows says

    That China set is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
    YOU ARE AMAZING! Great video!

  10. Bobbie LaRue says

    great video!

  11. Andrea Stultz says

    Hi Kat. Glad to see you made it home safe

  12. Dmarie Gonzalez says

    Please share with us how the items you packed arrived to buyers. I am so afraid of shipping fragile items. I had a listing for pottery and prepacked them but then deleted it because i wasn't confident in my packaging i even wrapped them single in bubble wrap and added padding in between each one and then placed in a box inside another box. Also i ship all my jewelry in a gift box and then inside a bubble mailer with a thank you sticker and i still got suggestions about improving my packaging. Im not sure how to improve, im sure not supplying a special velvet box for a purchase under 100.

  13. Jane Myers says

    Picked up a couple of Bernat baby blanket yarn for 75 cents each after watching one of your videos. Comps out around $15 a skein. Not bad. Thanks. Easy to ship too!

  14. Dawn Egan says

    Busy lady today Kat Ruby was so cute and very happy to see you love to little Dalton 🌿🐦🌴🐦

  15. Dana Hinson says

    You are SO awesome! Thanks for this video, Kat!!

  16. TeresaH says

    How do you change your shipping pounds before you print your labels, after you package the item and it weighs more than you anticipated?

  17. Sweedon Hedenberg says

    Enjoyed the pull and ship video!!!!!….always fun to see how others ship plates and other items.

  18. Kathy Root says


  19. Jan Trapnell says

    Great content and presentation.

  20. Treasure Hunting Granny says

    Why do you not just wrap each plate then wrap together? It seems like a waste of bubble wrap but more importantly space! I have shipped plates and I wrap each plate with 2 rounds of bubble wrap, tape all together, then wrap the entire set in bigger bubbles.

  21. Lois Tallent says

    Wow! You made that look so easy with all those dishes! Thanks for demonstrating how to ship difficult items.

  22. V C says

    Hi Kat, your diet is making your skin look much healthier, it’s working!

  23. Kelley Schrumpf says

    Are you allowed to go from Priority to UPS Ground without getting an ok from the buyer? Loved your video!

  24. Frantiques Treasures says


  25. Judy Gillespie says

    Great video. How much do you think it cost you in packing supplies for the dish order?

  26. Shirley M says

    Hi Kat. Thank you for showing how to pack breakable plates. You make it look so easy! When you go from usps to fedex/ups don’t they do it by dimensional weight vs actual weight??

  27. Sandra P says

    On the China,how did you print one label by itself and then the 2nd box label with bulk shipping? Would love to know that trick. I thought once you print a label it shows shipped which would mean it wouldn't come up in bulk shipping anymore. Would love to know that trick. What if you have 3 boxes? Love the pull and ship with you orders!!!

  28. Oshanndeals Adtext LLC says

    Have you had any issues printing labels out the night before?

  29. Martha Koch says

    Thank you again. Learning so much!

  30. Deanna Pacuilli says

    Question….since you were in the eBay shipping app, how does that work on paying for shipping?

  31. Creations Past says

    This was so helpful thank you so much 😉

  32. Misty Whitener says

    Was the UPS packages insured for enough? I do not use them so I am unsure if you can even add insurance or do you just self insure?

  33. james g. hromnak says

    Nice video👍, will add this info to the tool box.

  34. Vintage Thrifter MCM Sifter says

    Love the video/information! What type of tape gun are you using? Is it from Ebay too?

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