Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

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Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

In case you didn’t get up at 2 a.m. — or stay up until 2 a.m. — to watch the beginning of the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in France, don’t worry. We have you covered.

In this story, we’ll run down the early highlights and will be making live updates from the first round of fourballs.

A reminder, here are the matchups:

Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

Let’s get started.

The scene at the first tee


— Golf Central (@GolfCentral)

The Thunderclap

The Thunderclap! ????

This place is rocking!

— Ryder Cup Europe (@RyderCupEurope)

The first tee shot

And we’re off!

The first shot of the 2018

— Ryder Cup Europe (@RyderCupEurope)

First tee club twirls from Tiger Woods

Tiger starts the right where he wants to. ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

????A Tiger twirl on the first tee of the first day at the Ryder Cup

— Ryder Cup USA (@RyderCupUSA)

Spieth nearly holes out his first approach shot of the day

???? JORDAN SPIETH. ????

What a start to his


Woods goes at the par 5 fourth in two. Helicopter finish. Golf Twitter is collectively saying his surgeon is cringing (if he’s awake at this hour)

That finish ????

— Golf Channel (@GolfChannel)

Tiger gets up and down

Tiger sets up his birdie with the impressive chip. ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

Finau holes one out, that should settle the rookie nerves

The shot of the so far!

— Golf Channel (@GolfChannel)

People are NOT happy about the coverage. It’s not good.

No more commercials please!

— Colt Knost (@ColtKnost)

How many shots are NOT being shown !!!!!
… Poor coverage so far

— Mark Mouland (@moulieontour)

Things I’m not in charge of: commercials, shot tracer, team uniforms. So, you can direct your outrage accordingly.

— Scott Van Pelt (@notthefakeSVP)

In case anyone was wondering, from 3:05 to 3:45 ran 28 ads and 1-2 minutes of flyovers/promos/not live golf.

In that time, they showed 33 golf shots, 13 of which were putts.

World number 1 Dustin Johnson was not shown once.

— Robbie Vogel (@RobbieVogel14)

The common excuse with golf coverage is that there’s so much action going on at many different points on the course. Hard to use that one when there’s four matches played at a time. So disappointing for viewers.

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp)

Spieth’s putter is warming up

Mama, there goes that man!

— Golf Channel (@GolfChannel)

Here comes Tommy

Tommy Fleetwood went right at it ????

Fleetwood’s ???? gives Europe the lead in the fourth match

— Golf Central (@GolfCentral)

Checking in on Rory (not good)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by (@tg2wrx) on

Here’s how the matches stand currently

— TOP AIM STOCKS (@smallcappick)

Rahm is feeding off the energy. He’s not the guy the U.S. wants to get hot.

. brings the crowds to their feet ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

taking Europe 2up in his match ????????????????

— Golf Hype (@golf_hype)

People are still not happy about the coverage

Hey how about you show some freaking golf! This is the Ryder Cup! Maybe string together more than 3 shots at a time. I am going to bed! What a joke

— Jones (@white_jones33)

Europe is taking charge

Good start to the

— Sam Leavens (@Sam_Leavens)

But Spieth, though?

???? is UNSTOPPABLE. ????


It’s early but I can’t remember a player as good as Spieth in Ryder Cup. -5 thru 7, 3-up on his own over a team not playing poorly

— Peter Robinson (@ByPeterRobinson)

No idea what this Tweet says but here are the current matches

En el ecuador de la primera jornada de de la está todo muy igualado.

— 72 hoyos y más (@72hoyosymas)

Rory isn’t playing well

Europe could really do with Rory McIlroy finding some form on the back nine.

He’s the only player without a birdie so far.

— Chris Devine (@chrsdvn)

The Rose/Rahm pairing is an issue

The best shot.
The loudest roar.
The biggest reaction. and go 2 UP.


But then again, Spieth/JT are dialed in

It’s safe to say loves the



Captain America chips in

Chip-ins from everywhere.

This time from .

The momentum is on the U.S. Team.


Here comes the world No. 1

Don’t let DJ get hot!

— GolfWRX (@GolfWRX)

Good question…

I wonder who would win in a fight between Jon Rahm and and the whole US Ryder Cup team

— Get Schwifty (@riley652799)

Getting the feeling the Europeans don’t like the USA chants

Americans have no idea about chanting. Never has that been more evident while watching the Ryder Cup.

— William Livesey (@WilliamLivesey)

USA football chants are the cringiest thing in the known universe closely followed by USA Ryder cup chants

— ?? (@charlie_wiles)

Can someone invent a new disease that exclusively infects the vocal chords of Americans at the Ryder Cup

— Webjoose (@EojSewob)

Anyway, Molinari has woken up

The Champion Golfer of the Year isn’t going quietly!

— Golf Channel (@GolfChannel)



— Ryder Cup Europe (@RyderCupEurope)

Roll Rickie, Roll

Rickie from DEEP ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

Tides turning back in Europe’s favor as Woods/Reed and JT/Spieth matches pull to All-Square

A flurry of birdies from Casey and Hatton means they’re now on level terms in their match with Spieth and Thomas

— Telegraph Sport (@TelegraphSport)

Finau with maybe the luckiest shot in Ryder Cup history right here. Bank shot off the railroad ties to 4 feet

Even enjoys a little luck every now and then! ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

And the European crowd boos Finau before his putt. Wow.

Euro fans booing Finau before a short birdie putt. Can’t recall seeing that one before.

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp)

Troll take:

between this and the guy screaming in Tiger’s backswing on the 18th tee at The Open, you have to wonder if we should even have professional golf events in Europe anymore.

— Brendan Porath (@BrendanPorath)

DJ/Rickie win 4&3 to get USA on the board first. Rory made zero birdies in 16 holes; will Europe sit Rory in the afternoon? Seems drastic

DJ sticks it close. ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

Can’t believe I’m saying it but you gotta sit Rory this afternoon, right?

— Shane Bacon (@shanebacon)

Rose/Rahm vs. Brooks/Finau go to 18… and Justin Rose shushes his own crowd after piping one down the middle? Interesting move, but great theater

that you PReed?

— Jonathan Wall (@jonathanrwall)

…and Rose puts it in the water on his approach shot going for the tough pin location. Rose/Rahm could lose this after controlling the match all round

Rose goes too long and finds the water and are in trouble at the last! ????

Follow live updates from the opening day of the 42nd at Le Golf National live on Sky Sports Ryder Cup channel here:

— Sky Sports Golf (@SkySportsGolf)

Team USA goes up 2-0

From 2 DOWN to 1 UP. ????????

Koepka/Finau never led until 18.

U.S. Team now leads Team Europe 2-0.


This just may well have been the dagger in the match against Woods/Reed

. with ANOTHER huge putt to move them to 2 up. ????

— PGA of America (@PGA)

Spieth and JT close out Casey and Hatton on 18. USA leads 3-0 for the moment

Good morning, America. ????????

3-0 start for the U.S. Team at the


The final scorecards, from the Official Ryder Cup website: USA leads 3-1 with Woods/Reed recording the only loss for the U.S. team

Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media) Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media) Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

Round 1 highlights from the 2018 Ryder Cup (live updates from around social media)

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