Robert Allenby penned a powerful, heart-wrenching tribute to Jarrod Lyle

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Robert Allenby penned a powerful, heart-wrenching tribute to Jarrod Lyle

This isn’t an article about your perception of Robert Allenby. Arriving with any of that baggage would only take away from a poignant piece Allenby penned for his friend Jarrod Lyle.

Published in Players Voice (seemingly an Australian variety of the Players Tribune), Allenby writes about his friend of 20 years as he approaches the end of his life after a courageous and unimaginably horrific battle with acute myeloid leukemia.

Allenby notes that when he and Lyle first met, Allenby was Lyle’s hero. Now, after two decades of friendship and Lyle’s three cancer battles, the opposite is true.

This is entirely understandable, isn’t it? Can you imagine what Lyle has been through?

You can’t. I can’t.

Trying to hang onto hope through the days and nights? Catching the faintest glimmer of hope only to have it disappear. Months on end in which your whole world is a hospital room?

It’s an utterly awful and unthinkable experience.

Jarrod Lyle is going to die very soon after 36 years on this planet. Two-thirds of that time was spent dealing with either the specter or the awful reality of leukemia. And yet, he made it to the PGA Tour. He married a wonderful woman. He had two beautiful children. He inspired; he was a good friend to many.

Allenby is absolutely right. Jarrod Lyle is a damn hero.

Here are a few lines from Allenby’s piece.

“What I would come to realise over time is that Jarrod possesses a determination, grit and inner strength unlike anybody I’ve met in my life.”

“His will to survive and smash the odds is incredible.”

“He has a huge heart and has touched many, many lives. His character, his charisma, his generosity, his humility and gratitude are beautiful. He embodies everything good about people.”

The Australian closes with this.

“But here’s what I do know: in life, you don’t have too many top quality friends – ones you can trust, ones you can call upon. You can count them on one hand…Jarrod’s on that hand for me.”

I don’t want to quote Allenby at length and dilute the piece. It’s absolutely worth your time to read.


Robert Allenby penned a powerful, heart-wrenching tribute to Jarrod Lyle

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