Playing A Top Public Course In The U.S. – Fore Play Travel Series: Forest Dunes

20 144

Forest Dunes is consistently ranked as one of the best public courses in the U.S. and we found out why. It is as pure Michigan golf as it gets and truly one of the most interesting places we’ve played.

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  1. Fore Play Golf says

    Where do you want to see us shoot our next season of the Travel Series? Let us know in the comments!


  2. William Olson says

    Frankie diggin that greens chick! just give it a tap Frank, and im not talking your putting hahaha< –

  3. NJ Mike says

    Trent sandbagging to keep that HC high…..

  4. Will Schieber says

    Shoutout you guys, you’re actually all getting better

  5. Will Schieber says

    Y’all really couldn’t give Trent that putt at 53:20?

  6. Will Schieber says

    Imagine if Trent could put his weight on his left foot at impact

  7. James Pitts says

    “You’re gonna hit it sooner then.” lmao

  8. John Coyle says

    I really hope that Riggs doesn't think he made birdie on 15…the most casual of casual drops there…

  9. Jason Chilliams says

    The Bourne in Illinois has zero bunkers

  10. gb_33 says

    getting strokes on par 3's is kind of fucked lmao, id be just as pissed as lurch and frankie. Hard to beat a 4 for 2 lmao

  11. Liam Ward says

    Frankie and Lurch really complain a lot for people that NEVER make a putt

  12. Alex Platte says

    Trent and Lurch vs Riggs and Frankie would be so much more competitive now

  13. Blake Ghormley says

    Love Trent, but he gets too many strokes. And I find myself rooting against him because of Riggs. The fact that Riggs can claim he is a sub 5 handicap, yet relied on Trent to win all the holes…something seems off. The scoring is not legit. Could be so much better, but they don't try to make their games better. Getting hard to watch.

  14. Kevin Regan says

    Flip the breaker?

  15. OXFORD UMFAAN says

    Trent might improve if he stops checking his phone all the time . Be in the moment man !

  16. Mark M says

    Riggs is a 2.1 but doesn’t know how to take a proper drop? What? That ‘4’ on the par 5 should’ve been three off the tee. Just saying dude

  17. christopheles says

    Trent needed the putting lesson, not Frankie

  18. Vincent Munoz says

    Love the series guys! My suggestion would be to play the top public course in each state. Be nice to see courses from all over and at the end have you guys rank each course.

  19. Julian Korfine says

    Okay we gotta get Trent off his phone dude… takes your head out of the game

  20. Matt Carignan says

    Great golf shot , damn I actually thought it was a basketball shot

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