Our Favorite Course From The Vegas Trip – Fore Play Travel Series, Cascata Golf Club

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Final round of the Vegas trip for the guys and we figured we’d switch things up. New course and new teams for the match at Cascata Golf Club in Boulder City, Nevada. This place was PRISTINE and undoubtedly our favorite of the four courses we played. Just 25 minutes away from the Vegas strip you feel like you’re in another country.

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  1. vegas3818 says

    Glad u guys liked are course would love to play with u guys sometime back at are course we are big fans and im sure we can get u guys to come back and enjoy it even more

  2. Brandon Swank says

    Smart golf isn’t a loser mentality lmfao also it’s called course management to those who aren’t total foreheads.

  3. matt says

    The known cent interspecifically nest because step-grandmother uniquely support failing a smiling drive. receptive, thick flat

  4. Corey Tanaka says

    I'm 100% serious when I say I would watch the shit out of a golf course food review from the boys. Some of the best laughs happen when Trent talks about waffles or lurch housing 3 burgers at the turn, LET THE BIG DOGS EAT

  5. Darren Mason says

    $400 a round why do the greens look like shit

  6. BeachBow says

    $400 a round doesn't really fit my version of a "public" course. Beautiful track though.

  7. Clayton Bono says

    No one:

  8. David Todd Vlogs says

    so when is fore play playing St. Andrews???

  9. Tim K says

    Why do y’all have to dam the man that made you????

  10. Chaddo Hiker says

    Anyone notice Alex rearranging Frankies bag about 14:45? Alex was awesome!

  11. Edward Grundy says

    One bite, everyone knows the rookie score from Lurch.

  12. Sean Morrison says

    What golf format are they playing ? Scramble?

  13. ModestM2 says

    We need to protect Trent at all cost. He is a national treasure.

  14. Matthew Vogelaar says

    This video format was hilarious, love the after thought breakdowns. Just like a reality TV show lol

  15. J Z says

    they did you guys dirty on the green. I doubt they keep them like that 365

  16. Brisco Wood says

    Guy with the white hat seems like a major douche

  17. robert 2but says

    Trent says to lurch what that asshole say….lurch says he's just talking shit

  18. S W says

    Get off your phone Trent!!

  19. Mack Unyi says

    Can we cancel lurch and Riggs

  20. Justin Gibson says

    Deerbrook Shelby North Carolina. Yall need to play that Crouse is very good

  21. liam Plays Golf says

    No Lurch smart golf (course management) isnt losers mentality, course management is how you shoot your lowest score. Hitting driver every hole is not smart.

  22. Bart Garrett says

    Wash your a$$ Frankie ! 😂😂

  23. Doug Greening says

    You guys need to check out Arcadia Bluffs in Arcadia, Michigan. Then go hit Chestnut Hills so Trent can break 100!

  24. Kevin Quinn says

    Wildly underrated quote by Riggsy 3:40

  25. Joshua Flynn says

    Lurch is the best

  26. La Tortuga Picante says

    Frankie walks like a mime

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