Numbered Golf Irons – What to know.

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1 What is numbered golf iron?

A type of club which propels the ball in the direction of the hole is called as a golf iron. It contains shorter shaft and a higher degree of the loft as compared to woods. Irons have been categorized in different numbers that range from 1-10 which is linked to the relative loft angle of the clubface.

2 What is the use of golf iron?

These are basically used when the ball of a golfer is fewer than 200 yards from the green. Irons facilitate hitting the shots from fairway towards the green.

Structural Details

  • The clubhead is a vital part of the Irons. Hosel is the lower side of the clubhead which enables a clubhead to have a lower center of gravity.
  • The shaft is the soul of the Iron. A higher numbered iron will have a shorter shaft which will help establish better control over the swing.
  • The grip is the place on the top of the shaft to hold it. Normally, they are made of plastic, but some golfers use a leather grip.

Types of golf irons explained

  • Driving Irons

These are the longest iron with the lowest loft with 14 or 16-degree loft. They come with a least surface spaced face.

  • Long Irons

Irons from 2 to 4 are the Long Irons. They are designed to present the lowest loft and have longer shafts. If you are going to hit the ball with a Long Iron, you will be happy with its distance and launch angle. They work well both on the fairway and rough stands of the tree. They are typically smaller face Irons. Currently, these Irons are not that much in use as most of the Golfers prefer Higher-lofted fairway woods on it.

  • Mid Irons

Mid Irons are rage from 5 to 7. These are classically used to have more distance on both the fairway and rough. These are ideal for the second shots, especially, on the hillier fairways so that a low rise can be avoided. Its wide surface area and longer loft make the hit easy and enjoyable. They come with a Graphite shaft to give more distance to the ball.

  • Short Irons

Shor irons are numbered from 8-9. Their high mass clubheads and shortest shafts make them ideal to get the higher loft. These are good clubs and ideal to have an easy hit. Golfers use it when they need a higher level of accuracy in shots. They often come with a steel shaft to decrease the clubhead torquing.


3 How to Choose a Golf Iron?

An experienced golfer wants to have a vigilant eye in the process of the selection of an iron. Today’s market is full of a huge array of Irons with different styles and finish. The best option is to try different irons and see that which one is a perfect fit for your unique needs and style. Go for wider soles as they will help improve the game. Never overlook the gapping options and prefer a hollow body Irons. Opt for a steel Iron shaft which comes with a lighter weight. It is advisable to focus on the custom-fit options.


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