Nine Things You Must Know Before Buying Custom Fit Clubs (P1)

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If you are in the market for new custom fit clubs here are some things you need to know so that the clubs you spend good money on help you play better golf. The 5 words at the end of the last sentence “help you play better golf” is our reason for providing you with the following insider information, most of which you will never hear from golf stores or golf websites because their key objective is to sell you new clubs. If somehow they help you play better golf in the process, then that’s a bonus. However all too often they don’t perform any better than your current clubs and sometimes they may even perform worse.

So if your aim of buying new clubs is to help you play better golf, we’d advise you to give the following points some careful consideration.

Why is custom fitting so important?

Winners in all major sports will tell you how important it is to be competing with customised equipment. Golf is no exception to that rule. In fact the margin of error in golf is so small that playing with customised equipment becomes even more important. Fact is you will never play to your full potential unless you are playing golf with customised equipment.

Some think that it is only top players who benefit from custom fit. This is definitely not the case. Good players could possibly adapt to their equipment given enough time but they choose not to do so. They make sure their clubs are customised to fit their golf swing, rather than having to modify their golf swing to suit their clubs. The average amateur doesn’t have the skill to adapt to their clubs. So all the more reason they need to be playing with custom fit clubs. Tiger Woods was once asked what his best tip would be for beginners. His answer was to make sure the beginner was playing with custom fit clubs. Otherwise they will likely develop swing faults which could take years to correct. He himself has played with customised equipment from day one. His dad made sure of that.

Why is custom fitting so important

So if you seriously want to improve at the game of golf, playing with customised equipment is absolutely essential.

New technology by itself is of little value unless it is custom fit

Today’s golf magazines and websites are full of advertisements for new clubs with the latest technology and claims that they will revolutionise your game. What you need to know is that this technology by itself may do nothing for your game. In fact it may even make your game worse if it is not properly fitted to your own personal requirements.

Imagine for a minute that a major brand has introduced the latest running shoe with extreme spring technology in the sole, vibration dampening to reduce injury, gortex uppers to let your feet breathe, everlasting laces that never need replaced, etc, etc.

Sounds impressive, but keep in mind that the only way you will benefit from all this new innovative technology is if you buy a pair that fits your feet. Shoe size, width fitting and comfort are essential. In other words it is the fitting process which makes all of this shoe technology work. Without the fitting process the performance of this super-duper running shoe will be no better and perhaps even worse than the one you wear right now.

Same goes for golf clubs. It doesn’t matter what new innovative technology is in the latest revolutionary driver, if the loft, face angle, length, shaft weight or flex is wrong for you, it ain’t going to improve your tee shots. Remember it is the custom fitting process which allows you to fully benefit from any new technology.

You would never consider buying a pair of expensive shoes without checking your size and trying them on. So why not apply the same sound logic when buying your new golf clubs.

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