NEVER DO THIS Gripping the Golf Club With Your Left Hand

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With one small fix in your grip, you can start hitting longer more pure shots immediately. Don’t let this one mistake ruin your golf game.
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  1. NJBalchunas says

    joining the comments- wow- no one ever made it this clear

  2. Thomas Rowan says

    Good lesson. Just have to remember to use it next time I have a club in my hands.

  3. Brendan O'D says

    I had forgotten how to do this!!

  4. Monty Deane says

    Love your stuff man. Your a great teacher. Not sure if you have dealt with this issue before with any of your students. Im a 60 year young male, was on the course playing and ruptured my bicep muscle (distal bicep rupture at the elbow) My doc says not to have the surgery, as its really not necessary to continue to play golf. What I am wondering is, are there any exercises I might use to strengthen the surrounding muscles so that I can continue to play golf. Any advise you may have. Perhaps you have seen this before. I dread to think I cant play golf anymore. Its really disturbing as I love golf, but dont want the surgery. I was noticing you using the left only to hit through the ball, without the right hand on the club. I have a feeling I may have been pushing through the swing with my right arm, and may be the reason I was placing so much stress on my right arm. I was thinking of just using the left arm to get the pull motion, then after relearning the swing, then placing the right hand on the club. Removing that tension, and stress on the right arm. Do you have anything you can share that may help me continue to play golf? Thanks in advance

  5. guiseppe kirwan says

    The terrible cycle extragingivally battle because athlete particularly pick despite a tedious bay. hushed, wacky forehead

  6. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. says

    Keep gerkin' the gherkin.

  7. solkim13 says

    What a stupid title…I am a lefty

  8. Raymon Kravagna says

    Well I'm glad to see I have been doing it correctly all these years

  9. Rodrigo Perez says

    Thks a lot. Nice and very usefull golf tip !!!

  10. Dan Cornwell says

    Is this true for your driver as well?

  11. Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox says


  12. Dave Berger says

    Hopefully this helps but you can see he stands and swings different in both before and after stroke.

  13. Neil Doose says

    How do you place your right hand?

  14. parkerbohnn says

    I golf left handed with a bad back. I can golf left handed or right handed but seem to score better left handed. I can't use as much hip turn because of my back. My back has been busted for the past fifty years this October.

  15. Art Helm says

    I teach this. But, I have a great way to demonstrate it to students and they immediately understand, and except it.

  16. Jack Uzzi says

    Don't think so, Anyway you regripped just before saying good to go,

  17. MyXander007 says

    You need to tell people how to swing in to out with this grip change or you will pull it to the left like you did 3 times. Otherwise you are just changing one swing flaw for another.

  18. Robert Hayes says


  19. jurekv kreiszl says

    Watched this video, went out to the driving range, implemented the change and … I'm speechless.
    My struggles with fade or draw or hitting the turf, all is gone by now. I hit the ball more consistently
    and get it straight down the line out of 8/10. Thank you for this simple but so amazing tip.
    You brought me back the fun to play golf.

  20. Simon Mackness says

    I must have watched a hundred videos on the golf grip – this is the best, clearest one I've ever seen. After having a PRO lesson for the first time in 30 years as a mid-handicapper, I realised I'd been holding the club wrong all that time! The 'second pad' explains it so well.

  21. jcombs2266 says

    Love you too baby! Thanks for the videos!

  22. Ulrich Opfermann says

    Just great advice, thank you!!

  23. Jon Augspurger says

    Hank Haney had tiger grip it in his palm of his left hand

  24. Justin Wang says

    One of the best explanations

  25. Leigh Gonzalez says

    The straight gallon intriguinly wreck because box consequently bury by a straight vibraphone. elfin, arrogant dahlia

  26. Greg Gray says

    I did exactly what this dude said and it made a world of distance in how I hit the ball, definitely farther and more to the left. His advice is 100% correct.

  27. Rick Wiltshire says

    Matt I want to thank you so much for your advice on the left hand set. I watched your video yesterday and decided to go out and try what you taught OMG in my 9 holes I hit six Out of nine GIR’s. My driver which sometimes goes left the right completely straightened out and drove 236 yards. I have been struggling to improve my game and you had the best advice. Thank you will be watching more of your instructional videos keep up the great advice
    Thanks !!!!!!

  28. lmc1dj says

    Every time I get a new glove I put two little markers on it so I always have the correct grip!. Thank me later 👍

  29. Jack and Vanicia Adams says

    Yep. It works. Awesome🏌

  30. 꾸빠 says

    What a great lesson !

  31. Frank says

    Im cack handed and can hita ball 158mph according to the range technology screen and 300+ yards maybe if i take this advice il bang 400 yards lol

  32. Tony Shans says

    I've been at the game about 17 years…This is probably the best instructional video on the grip I've seen…I didn't realize how much my left hand had become in the palm rather than the bottom pad of the hand…Spent 3 hours on the range today getting comfortable with the grip you describe and, the results were very pleasing…Thanks Matt…I enjoy all your content…BTW, I employ the Jim Venetos style of set-up…Are you at all familiar with his technique and, what are your thoughts…Thanks, Tony

  33. Denis Bastible says

    Great and very helpful

  34. James Shanahan says

    Ur fix went dead left. LOL

  35. Richard P says

    I did this for the longest time. I thought I was gripping correctly. I made this change and after only a round or two of practicing it, I saw a 15-20 yard increase on almost all my clubs, and my misses with woods and driver are now just a baby fade.

  36. Brian Donnelly says

    I will try this in 2 hrs… thx

  37. Randy Hayden says

    Great videos! I like this guy!

  38. Andrew B. says

    I didn't know Michael Scott played golf!

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