My FIRST Round With NEW Golf Clubs – Breaking 80 Episode 13

10 24

I broke out the wilson’s and took on one of the top rated public courses in Pennsylvania, Royal Manchester. Can I break 80?

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  1. Slade Kahkwetwew says

    Not judging but why do you switch between the blue and white tee boxes??

  2. Jack Cowan says


  3. Ethan Haupt says

    Hey man i just wanted to say i love watching your videos and I live in Central, PA. State College, Altoona area and there's a really nice course called Scotch Valley Country Club, its a bit pricey but it is still very nice. If you're ever out this way, check it out. Also would be sweet to play with you!.

  4. Ethan Haupt says

    Also, do you record all of this on your phone?

  5. Peter Scarborough says

    Love your vids man. This is by far my favorite video of yours. Keep up the good work

  6. Jordan Barata says

    Some how on this floating rock this man makes golf enjoyable to watch

  7. david bracken says


  8. Justin Sawadski says

    Yo ever think of playing local fans?

  9. gbpackersfan says

    What putter is that?

  10. Paige says

    I think the most beneficial thing for you to do would be to go out for a day and only put. If your out game improves you would easily break 80 every time

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