Measuring Lie & Loft Angles of Club Head, Club Face

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Club Head Registration – Lie & Loft Angles

Geometric Requirements


» Club Head Must Be In Horizontal Face Plane (Attitude) Regardless Of Sole Radius

» Club Face Must Be Square

» Metal Woods And Hybrids – Club Face Must Be Centered

» Lie & Loft Angles Are Constant When Measured From Any Parallel Plane:

» Inside Edge Of Shaft

» Outside Edge Of Shaft

» Center Line Of Shaft

» Extension Of Horizontal Face Plane

» Extension Of Shaft Plane


Lie Angle

Lie Angle Is The Angle Formed Between The Shaft Plane And The Horizontal Face Plane (Attitude)


Loft Angle

The Loft Angle Is Formed By The Shaft Plane And The Pitch Of The Face



Playing Loft – Metal Woods & Hybrids

» Metal Woods And Hybrids – Loft Pitch Designed To Sole By Club Designers

» Playing Loft Is The Angle Formed By The Pitch Of The Face To The Open – Square – Closed Shaft Plane When Club Face Is Registered In A Square Position

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