Measuring Face Angle – Metal Woods & Hybrids

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Club Head And Face Angle Registration

Geometric Requirements


» Club Head Must Be In Horizontal Face Plane (Attitude) Regardless Of Sole Radius

» Club Face Must Be Square And Centered

» Face Angle Is Measured Off The Shaft Plane To The Horizontal Face Plane (Attitude)

» Face Angles Are Constant When Measured From Any Parallel Plane:

» Inside Edge Of Shaft

» Outside Edge Of Shaft

» Center Line Of Shaft

» Extension Of Square Face Plane

» Extension Of Shaft Plane


Face Angles – Measurement

» Angle Formed By The Shaft Plane To The Square Face Plane With No Sole Influence










Face Angles – Playing Position

» Angle Formed By The Club‘s Face Plane (Open, Square, Closed) To The Shaft Plane When Club Is Soled In Playing


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