What Length Golf Iron Should I Use?

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Getting a new golf iron is a challenging task for new golfers because they may not know exactly how long their club should be. This article will provide helpful tips on picking the right length for your irons.

Based on Your Body Height

First, determine your body height. Make sure you’re standing straight and not wearing shoes to get a correct result.

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TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 5-PW, AW, Right Hand, Regular Flex

The next step is to compare the result to a standard chart which contains different iron lengths for different body heights. The table below is a good example:

Length-Based Chart
Body Height


Length Factor


4’9’’ – 5’0’’ -2’’
5’0’’ – 5’3’’ -1.5’’
5’3’’ – 5’6’’ -1’’
5’6’’ – 5’9’’ -0.5’’
5’9’’ – 6’0’’ Standard Length*
6’0’’ – 6’3’’ +0.5’’
6’3’’ – 6’6’’ +1’’
6’6’’ – 6’9’’ +1.5’’
6’9’’ – 7’0’’ +2’’


*: The standard length of a 1-iron is 39.5 inches. This measurement will decrease 0.5 inches for each consecutive number iron. For example, the standard length of a 2-iron is 39 inches, a 3-iron 38.5 inches, and so on.

This method is quite simple and straightforward. However, it does not consider other factors that may impact the length you should choose, such as your arm length.

Based on the Wrist-to-Floor Height

Choosing a golf iron by determining the wrist-to-floor (WTF) height is probably the most common method, as it offers the most accurate result.

The WTF height will be measured from the floor to the crease above your wrist. In most cases, the ratio of the WTF height to the body height is about 48.9%. Therefore, you should also take your body height into account.

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Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Reg

The following chart shows you the relationship between three factors: the WTF height, the body height, and the length of the golf iron.

Length-Based Chart
Body Height


WTF Height


Length Factor


4’8’’ 27.38” -2’’
4’10’’ 28.36” -2’’
5’0’’ 29.34” -1.5’’
5’2’’ 30.32” -1.5’’
5’4’’ 31.30” -1’’
5’6’’ 32.27” -0.5’’
5’8’’ 33.25” -0.5’’
5’10’’ 34.23” Standard Length
6’0’’ 35.21” Standard Length
6’2’’ 36.19” +0.5’’
6’4’’ 37.16” +1’’
6’6’’ 38.14” +1.5’’
6’8’’ 39.12” +1.5’’
6’10’’ 40.10” +2’’
7’0’’ 41.08” +2’’

Compare the Length of Your Existing Golf Irons

Compare the lengths of your current golf clubs or the ones you are considering to buy to the result of your fitting.

Remember that your posture and the length of your arm also affect the length of the shaft, which, in turn, affects the length of your iron. For example, a tall golfer with short arms will need an over-length iron, while a short golfer will need an under-length one, instead of the standard length recommended in the fitting chart above.


  • Usually, after determining your body height, you can easily choose an iron with the appropriate length based on the standard chart. However, you should still try using it before buying to ensure that it feels right in your hands.
  • The longer the length of your iron, the heavier it will get.
  • If you’re too tall or too short, your measurement may not be in the fittingGet help from a professional club fitter.
  • The lie angle and shaft flex of a golf iron will change according to the iron’s length. The lie angle will get smaller, and the shaft flex will get softer when the length increases, and vice versa.


The length of a golf iron plays a crucial role in the club’s speed and path, the attack angle as well as the player’s ability and performance. As such, it is essential to choose an iron with the appropriate length for you. We hope the methods in this article will help you select the most suitable iron among various options available on the market today. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.

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