Learn How to Pitch Better – Simple Tips That Can Improve Your Game

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1 Simple Hands-on Tips That Make You Shine On the Pitch

Becoming a great pitcher ain’t a day’s job, like every other endeavor that’s worth your shine, it often takes time and diligent practice to pitch better. Amazingly, this practice can take place anywhere – at the driving range, golf course, or even at home. What’s most important is that you are engaging a well-rounded approach in your strive to improve your golf game. And this isn’t difficult at all!

It’s often recommended that you work on your short games, long drives, and most importantly, your mental approach to the game. Training outside the golf course, and watching great golf videos are other great ways that you can enhance your playing techniques and performance on the pitch. Your consistency of practice, coupled with an excellent mental attitude will, no doubt, help you to pitch better and become a greater golfer.

Highlighted in this article, are a few practical steps that will help you become a better pitcher:

  1. Pay Attention To Your Putting Skills

 The all-time no-brainer trick of working your short game remains an amazing way to improve your score. Particularly when you do not have a lot of time to practice. Enhancing your short-game skills will always pay off over spending time on hitting long balls.

 A practical way to get this done is by placing at least 10 balls in a circle. Try sinking all 10 puts in a row, without missing any, as you move around the circle. If, peradventure, you miss any, start over.

 Doing this at least 15 minutes every day will significantly increase your confidence level. You may also start off with 2-foot putts, then graduate to 3 or more foot putts, with time.

  1. Practice Chipping With Soft Hands

 Focus on directing energy to your feet, particularly the front foot, rather than your grip. This would help decrease tension in your arms when you grip the club:

  • You may also want to practice using your arms and shoulders while swinging the club backward.
  • Push your right knee in the direction of your target to swing downward.
  • Remember to keep your left wrist as flat as possible, all through the entire motion
  • For short swings, always ensure that your right elbow is never behind your body
  • Always keep your left arm in line with the club’s shaft. Bearing in mind that this arm plays a significant role in the control of your chipping swing
  • Finally, on chipping, rotate your body, forward, when you swing.
  1. Let Your Arms Do The Pitching

Your pitch shots are the best when controlled by your arms – rotating your forearms rather than your wrists. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for better control when you swing:

  • Keep your arms in a V-shape.
  • Stand directly over the ball, keeping it right below the left side of your face
  • Keep your spine straight before you begin
  1. Double-Check The Exact Position Of The Golf Ball

This particularly affects your shot. It’s important to always bear in mind that the impact of your shot is absolutely dependent on the position in which the ball lies. You should not expect the same effect when shooting in a tight lie, a thick rough grass, or in a bunker. Same applies to how you apply the impact.

So, there you have… Four simple tips that would make you a great pitcher, when put to practice. Get out there and have some fun!





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