How To Play Golf Better – Learn How To Make Every Shot Count In Your Favor

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Simple Instructions On How To Play Golf Better

Golf is an amazing game. It offers you a great way to help anyone relieve built-up stress while staying athletic and healthy. More so, it has been proven time and again that anyone, irrespective of their golf skill, as a professional or a beginner, can enjoy their game of golf. This explains why it makes great sense to strive at getting better at the game. Here are a few ways to play golf better, by making every shot count in your favor:

1 1. Get Smarter (Not Harder) At Your Club-work

Don’t fall for the common misconception that the harder you hit the ball, the further away it will go. Your greatest shots are achieved when you master your swings, by efficiently directing the impact at the middle of the ball. This way, you will accomplish far better results than when you increase the impact of your swing.

2 2. Take Your Time – Visualize Each Shot Before Taking Them

To play golf better, always imagine your ball’s flight before taking the shot particularly when practicing your swings. Be intentional about mastering the control of your swings, and the club will be faithful to do its job. It is generally recommended that you use your left hand (if right-handed) to control the club during the swing; or your right hand if you are left-handed.

  • Always Relax Your Body And Mind Before Every Swing

Avoid getting tensed up before your shots. Ensure your swings feel comfortable. More so, avoid the temptation of taking too many practice swings before your shots, as this may build up the thought of missing the shot in your mind, which may dampen your confidence level

3 3. Tee The Ball Higher To Reduce Spinning

Hitting the ball from a much lower position will result in lesser spin. You can also enhance the ball movement by avoiding the temptation of a forward movement, over the golf ball, on impact.

4 4. Practice Often

 This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to be on the pitch to practice. You can do this even at home, by improving your game posture, or watching some pro videos on TV. Bearing in mind that the game is just about your body but your mind also. How consistently you are able to improve your skills is crucial to how well you’d play the game. Practice helps you learn and tweak your game every single time you play. Imagine bringing the lessons learned from the previous week to the golf course. The results speak for themselves.


The list is non-exhaustive, but will certainly help you get better at your game. So, get up, gear up, and have some fun, getting better by the day with every single game that you play!


















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