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  1. pwillemsen1000 says

    Decathlon really putting a decent effort in expanding their golf range

  2. Ryan Tracy says

    The toe was significantly down throughout the set, why only make the change with the 4 iron?

  3. Johnny Penso says

    Are the standard lie angles on these clubs any different than the usual TM, Titleist etc. offerings? Is this a problem that Mikey usually has with all clubs or is it specific to these clubs?

  4. Paul Eccles says

    I would love to see some of the other YouTube channel guys, Peter finch, gm golf, etc come down for a fit when the pandemic is behind us! That would be awesome.

  5. robh316 says

    Maybe Try using the tourbxs ball? ian

  6. Randy Gatenbee says

    Could it be that Mike maybe doesn't have the swing speed to generate the needed spin?

  7. chicken parm says

    Thoughts on buying a new shaft (Callaway tip) now vs waiting until next year to get a full fitting?? Open to not hitting Callaway of the tee next year

  8. Mango Man says

    Just want to say that I'm still thankful to have Matty back!

  9. James Daw says

    Love that you guys are willing to name check Peter finch et al. It’s great because you aren’t direct competitors. I go to them for fun and you and cross field for real data

  10. Mike B says

    Look at how toe down the head is. Obviously the shaft is a little soft and causing too much deflection. Had this problem with a set of Cobra F9's. The regular flex had so much bend I was hitting balls with the upper toe portion of the face. Move to stiff and dead on centre of the face.

  11. xTimx2002 says

    did the clubs come already toe'd down?

  12. graeme murray says

    Pete took the 3 iron out into Open Qualifying!

  13. Jon Horvat says

    I would love to see you guys review the custom build your own clubs from golfworks, such as Maltby. Would be curious to see how they stack up again the big main brands.

  14. Jon Gee says

    Everyone should know by now the boys don't have interest in reviewing launch monitors. They are club fitters and builders, they have a system that works to that end….

  15. Chris Hartman says

    Really like it when you show game improvement long irons, as a "driving iron" option for more average swing speed players.

  16. Tyler Jane Bronson says

    low-key bummed when i see the clubs are right-handed which immediately implies Matt isn't going to be the one hitting them…

  17. Patrick Traynor says

    Have you tried to get Bombtech ? They are direct to consumers company

  18. Sir_Godz says

    Hogan UIHI 4-3 irons are $145 USD fitted to your specs with limited but quality shaft options

  19. Zane Smith says

    Hey guys any more on course vlogs coming soon? Really love seeing those. Cheers.

  20. Norm Lang says

    Guys. Love the channel.
    General question about fitting. For someone like Matt, who groves most of his shots, I can see why fitting is very important and for the fitter, I'm guessing it's much easier when the golfer is consistent.
    For a high handicapper like me (15.5 USGA Index), who hits it all over the face, what should I really expect to get out of a fitting?

  21. Nader Zein says

    For that price I would just get a branded set second hand.

  22. lee maskel says

    Finchy has the long iron in the bag and used it in his quest for the open, keep up the great content gents.

  23. Ken M says

    Srixon ZX5 all day.. provides great range 20handicap to 5 handicap

  24. R N says

    Very nice swings Mike!

  25. Kevin Johnson says

    Thick top line

  26. David Chipman says

    hi guys would wrong lie angle affect the spin ?

  27. Mark McArdle says

    When are you guys going to review the tour edge C721 irons

  28. Jeff Martin says

    I feel like Matty is channeling a bit of Chuck Norris with his beard. Am I the only one, or am I on to something here?

  29. Omnis says

    The face shape has like a weird melty Quebec Nordiques vibe

  30. ybach64 says


  31. thomas szampruch says

    We absolutely need you guys to co-lab with Peter Finch! Maybe a long drive competition with Matt and Pete, or maybe a Skills challenge. It can be done without both of you being in studio.

  32. Andrew Connelly says

    You mentioned some of the other DTC brands. I’d like to see you compare these Inesis 900 to a Sub70 699/699Pro or similar

  33. Andrew Connelly says

    I compared the price of shipping Inesis 900 to Australia vs buying Srixon ZX5 in Australia and I couldn’t justify the Inesis. Srixon hands down!

  34. Home Golf Australia says

    Peter Finch has been using the driving iron and has really liked it.

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