How to Improve Your Iron Consistency and Make an Impact!

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When you are a beginner on the greens (or even an experienced golfer), you are sure to love the thrill and the exhilaration of swinging your iron to amaze your friends with that perfect shot   – when you make contact, that is! One of the biggest problems that golfers face is maintaining iron consistency with the golf ball. Here’s how to improve your iron consistency and make an impact. As always, ‘Practice makes perfect.’

Get Your Posture and Position Right

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 5-PW, AW, Right Hand, Regular Flex
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 5-PW, AW, Right Hand, Regular Flex

Alignment of your body and maintaining a good posture are very important for golfers.

Some beginners tend to bend their entire back over the club. This stance will not only affect the swing angle of the golf ball but will also cause acute pain in the back muscle because of over-strain.

A well-trained golfer will bend at the waist and keep his/her back straight rather than rigid while playing. For a good setup position, distribute your weight evenly between your feet, ideally shoulder-width apart.

When you swing, only your shoulder and arms should rotate around your spine without excessive movement of the body. Perfecting your posture ensures you are ready for making a perfect swing.

Secrets to a Consistent Swing

A confident golfer has one very noticeable characteristic – a consistent swing. A repeatable and reliable swing can boost your self-confidence and propel your game to another level. A confident swing will give a definite edge for a golfer over an unsure player.

The basics are very important; get your grip, ball position, and stance right. For a sturdy grip, ‘V’ should be formed between your index finger and thumb and must be in alignment with your right shoulder (or your left shoulder if you are left-handed).

Since different clubs have different effects on the golf ball, you have to position the ball slightly differently too. So, having a movable ball position as you change your irons will help you achieve greater iron consistency out of swing and strike.

Tips to Strike Pure Iron Shots

Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Stiff
Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Stiff

Remember the importance of the takeaway position.

The position where the iron is pulled backward and then hit is called the takeaway position, and it is mainly responsible for a successful swing.

Follow the 2-8-2 tactic while you strike.

The initial ‘2’ is the first two inches of a takeaway when the club goes back, your club should move up at 8” (but without any movement of the wrists), and at 12” the wrist should turn and place the shaft horizontally.

Beginners must make sure that their hands are at shoulder level and their body, relaxed.


Drills to Improve Your Iron Consistency

You have to religiously practice fitness stretches and other specific workouts to improve your swing’s consistency. The golf swing demands a range of motions from many joints. Any rigidity in the back or the hamstring can constrain some movements that are necessary for swinging. The Two-step rhythm Drill is highly effective to help you with weight distribution as well as balance during your swing and will aid iron consistency and quality strike. Another popular drill is the Towel drill in which a thin towel is placed at a short distance behind the ball. You must try to hit the golf ball with your iron not touching the towel.

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