How we picked the best golf clubs for high handicap players

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The Best Drivers for High Handicap Golfers 2021

  • Callaway XR 16
  • Cleveland Launcher HB
  • TaylorMade RBZ Black
  • PGX Offset Golf

How we picked the best golf clubs for high handicap players

Full disclosure: I wasn’t involved in the day-to-day development of these 10 clubs, nor did I have any input in the naming process.

Rather, it was our team of experts who worked together to generate these numbers. (Click on the product name to see all 10 clubs.) I know it can be a little off-putting to see two graphically similar products listed side by side, so I’m not going to list each club’s relative scoring clubhead speed in terms of m/S (or Standard Grind).

However, we did calculate a rough match play comparison of each club’s ballspeed compared to the XR 16.

If you click on the “Photo Gallery” tab above, you’ll see photos of each club’s clubhead, shaft, grips, and molds. (If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll have to scroll up to see each photo.

The Best Drivers for High Handicap Golfers

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: the Best Driver for High Handicap Golfers is the Callaway XR 16, which is an improvement of the legendary XR 15 model (aka the ZR 15).

The four options above it have all been shown to improve your distance, which is obviously important, but there are other advantages, too.

All of these drivers are designed to promote improved launch conditions, spin, and feel on mis-hits. The XR 16 has the softest outer profile (5 degrees) of any Callaway driver and is a fairway-busting monster for large-stance players, while the Launcher HB has a massive hollow head that promotes low spin for extra distance and great feel.

The Best Fairway Wood for High Handicap Golfers

USGA Handbook: Read the USGA handbook on your clubs.

3 Best Drivers For A USGA Handicap Callaway XR 16 Callaway XR 15 TaylorMade R1 4 Best Fairway Woods For High Handicap Golfers Srixon AD333 Callaway XR16 Srixon AD333 Hit the Shop for Your Best Golf Clubs Best Golf Balls For High Handicap Golfers Best Golf Trainers For High Handicap Golfers

Now, you’re armed with a sharp set of high-tech gear to help you compete at your best.

Practice, and work up your skills on the range so you’re ready for your next golf outing.

The Best Hybrid Clubs for High Handicap Golfers

The Best Ball Striking Clubs For High Handicap Golfers Below are the Top 10 Best Golf Clubs for High Handicap Golfers in 2019.

Top 10 Best Golf Clubs for High Handicap Golfers in 2019 A high handicap golfer may have to switch to a game iron in order to achieve a great score on the course.

The game-improvement irons are meant to be used on the course for maximum enjoyment of the game. They often have higher, compact heads with lesser offset for improved forgiveness.

Other features include differently shaped soles that are more suitable to high-traffic areas. They often have more flex in their hitting surfaces so that high players can hit the ball further.

These features help them reach the course more frequently.


Here’s a selection of clubs recommended by Topgolfgears. All you have to do is put them in the bag for 2021 and you should be hitting the ball with more confidence.

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