How to use Google Trends to Find Sizzling Hot Topic Ideas 🔥

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Google Trends to find hot topic ideas that won’t fade over time. You’ll also learn both basic and advanced market research tactics using this tool.

Google Trends has many uses; however, it can be quite confusing if you’re new to this tool.

Since Trends data shows relative popularity on a keyword or topic, it cannot be used alone to determine keyword volume or overall popularity. It is the most powerful when comparing different topics against each other over different time periods.

In addition to basic functions of the tool, you’ll learn how to quickly analyze data to ensure your topic ideas are worth pursuing.

Some of the advanced tactics will help you excel in global SEO, paid advertising, and give actionable insights into optimizing for inevitable seasonal downturns.


0:40 What is Google Trends in a nutshell
2:06 Identify seasonal trends
4:25 Avoid keyword unicorns
5:29 Find related keywords to get new keyword ideas
7:48 Find which cities/subregions need your product
9:02 Use Google Trends to select YouTube topics

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  1. Evan Murnighan says

    What a great video! Thank you for helping me really understand how to use Google trends. You’re a great teacher!

  2. Giri Film Making says

    Good tutorial. I am going to apply your ideas on my youtube channel, let us see.

  3. Bodyweight Muscle says

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  4. Maria G says

    Hi what happens when you found a good keyword golden ratio ( a good keyword per keywords everywhere) but those keywords don’t even show up in Google trends? Is it too small a niche topic?

  5. Y.K Ho says

    You are awesome~!!

  6. Awesome Web says

    Thank you so much, really helpful

  7. Rahil Hafeez says

    I really love what you did there. Signs of an excellent marketer. Drove people to the video for these searching about Google trends, spoke about Trends for quite some time to maintain viewer stickiness, and subtly spoke about Ahrefs doing a better job with precision. I absolutely love this. I will definitely do this next time. An apt example of how to give people what they are looking fr and also creating value for yourself. impressive

  8. Plareena says

    Great contents with important detail. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Dude's Cover says

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    This is an extremely well made and informative video, excellent work, thank you

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    This is legendary stuff mate well done.

  12. shaikh alam says

    But google trends work for long tail keywords ???


    Amazing.. good explanation

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    hello Ahrefs Im today your subscriber good contents… @india modi fan#technomalu

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    Thank you Sam great content

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  17. Jayanta Das says

    Any idea to get the actual value of a keyword, which ranks 100?

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    Thank you for sharing this amazing insight. Love the way you demonstrate the presentation.

  19. Yudi Herdiana says

    Thank You .. How to use Google Trends to Find Sizzing Hot Topic Ideas

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  21. David Johnson says

    Rising, Top? Yeah, could have been a little more thorough here.

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    This was a great video to watch, recommended by my MBA MKT Class. Worth watching 🙂

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    Great Job Sam! Please more content about combining 2 powerful tools… ahrefs with some others…

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