How to Ship Golf Club Sets using FREE USPS Boxes!!

11 35

You can ship these clubs together using USPS Boxes
Order your USPS Boxes at USPS.Com
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what sold on eBay and bulk hauls and how they level up my eBay reselling business
In this video I am going to go over what I’ve been up to lately what’s next!
Why I prefer ebay because it’s connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. It also can be a great way to make money whether you are working from home with very little investment or you’re a reseller who sells large quantities of products. Flipping on ebay is a great way to make extra income online.

So, watch the full video to see what this ebay reseller found at estate yard sales to resell on ebay.

If you are interested in ebay reselling business then watch my other videos to find out my reselling Journey. Here you will find how to make money on ebay, from picking, thrifting, flipping but also content about eBay and other selling platforms. What sold and bolos.

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  1. Rocky Mountain Resale says

    Congrats on 2k!

  2. Bargain Resell says

    Franken box is the way to go. I have never done it like that. That was genius

  3. Pre-Javelina Flips-Anne says

    Love how you kept the part with the Express side… Yay on 2K!!!

  4. Karyn McDowell says

    Thanks for the lesson. It's always good to learn different ways to ship. It is the one thing that stresses me the most!!

  5. Karyn McDowell says

    Just to let you know, your music is too loud, I couldn't hear some of your talking. Luckily just watching was enough. FYI

  6. Bearded Thrift Machine says

    Congrats on 2k!!!!

  7. Glock30Fan says

    That's pure genius, Eric. Nice work.

  8. Sara Bennett says

    Helpful- thank you, but I agree about music being too loud. Want to learn by hearing you. A new subscriber from Maryland

  9. Gateway Pickers - Chad says

    Great idea , now I need to list more of these clubs I picked up.

  10. قناة ورثة الأنبياء السلفية says

    Question for you sir, can I send a book through usps media mail in an Amazon prime bag? I'm confused about not having advertising when sending through usps media mail?

  11. palillo2006 says

    Thank you. This was my first time shipping a set. I've sold lots of singles but never a set. Joining 2 of those boxes is genius!

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