How To Have A Good Grip With Your Clubs

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By far the most important aspect of the golf swing is the grip. Yet rarely are amateurs placing the club in their hands properly. Did you know that altering the position of the hands around the club a half inch in either direction can result in a tee shot that ends up 40 to 50 yards off line? The end.


How To Have A Good Grip With Your Clubs

result is a shot that ends up in the woods, a water hazard, or the fairway. So how does one achieve a proper grip?

You can start by making sure you are holding the club with your fingers, and not your palms. Begin by setting a club on the ground. For right-handed players, start with the club next to your left hip. Place your left hand on the club so it is in a natural,
comfortable position. This will help place your hands on the club properly by entering the grip to
the side, rather than underneath with your left hand. Make sure your fingers are on the only thing on the
bottom of the grip. After doing this, bring the club out in front of you to its normal position and place
your other hand on the opposite side of your left hand covering your left thumb.

At this point you have a few checkpoints to help ensure proper hand placement. First, check to see how many knuckles you can see on your left hand. You should be
able to see the top knuckle on your index and middle fingers. If not, your hand is probably too far under the
club. Rotate your hand around the grip until you can see both knuckles. Also, make sure your grip pressure is not
too tight. Imagine holding a tube of toothpaste. Squeeze just hard enough to spread the tooth paste onto your
brush. Remember, your hands are working together as a single unit, so apply the same amount of pressure with
both hands.

Placing your hands on the club properly will not only increase your distance, but will also improve your accuracy

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