How to Get the Most Out of Your Fitting Experience

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0:00 The basics
6:35 Nutrition and Hydration
7:53 Preparing Your Golf Game
9:20 Performance Anxiety
10:05 Analyze Your Game
11:36 Browse Equipment
13:55 Communicate With Your Fitter
19:55 Research the Fitting Environment
22:33 Budget

– Our viewers often ask how to best prepare for their upcoming fitting session. In this video we go through our top tips for getting the most out of your club fitting to ensure you leave with the best golf clubs for your game.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Seve Sellors says

    Great video and advice glad I watched this one guys. I think it’s important to keep an open mind and forget your ego and even brand preference and see what happens!
    As amateurs we can choose the best in each category after all we’re not contracted to play a particular brand.

  2. Joe Wilkes says

    I think it’s fair to say also guys , people go to fittings usually with a preconception of what they want , as in they already have a pretty good idea of what they want , for example they have one or 2 favorite drivers in mind , but upon completing the fitting they’ve been put into something else altogether that the fitter found was better suited for the individual by facts , the client can’t refute the facts but isn’t happy really because they wanted the latest Taylormade driver . We often want something that doesn’t suite our skill level , blades would be an easier example ,everyone loves blades but not all are consistent enough to game them . Your comment about 50+ guys coming to get fit from far away is correct , everyone would love to come , but 35-50 is where men hit their most financial peak in earnings and stability and can afford the trip , under that they are busy climbing the ladder and using funds to set up their life .always great videos guy very informative . I think it’s pretty obvious the popularity of your content and they great way you can explain the technical to the general players that every single golfer would love to get fit with you guys ,would be a dream , I guess it should be the same everywhere but the reality is it’s not , you guys are what we are judging every other fitter against .

  3. Corey McLennan says

    If you were in Australia, i'd be jumping on a plane myself. You guys are so genuine and humble it just creates a massive amount of trust. You're never acting like salesmen. I went for a driver fitting yesterday, the bloke said he didn't want to see me hit my current driver, changed my set up, changed my swing, then put one driver in my hands and told me thats the one for me. I asked about moving the weights in it to make it more forgiving and he told me i can buy the tool when i buy the driver to be able to move them myself when i get home.

    So naturally i'm now looking for somewhere else to go get a driver fitting done.

  4. Reggie Salad says

    Great video! Please get back to fitting sessions for various golfers. Matt's left-handed insane power swing does nothing for my game.

  5. Brian Nguyen says

    Is there a place that you can recommend to get fitted in Los Angeles? Thank you

  6. Tom Caldwell says

    You guys are the very best. Period

  7. Jonathan Wilder says

    Guys thanks for doing this video. I’ve been considering going for a fit and had some concerns. This video alleviated them.

  8. jgrove111 says

    In a "normal" environment post pandemic…love watching the mids to highs get the "wow" factor….give them a discount for being on YT

  9. Steve Uhlenbrock says

    My biggest question about getting fit is do all fitters only have you hit just a 6 iron? How can you get fit for a set of irons by hitting just one club? Shouldn’t you hit a 9 iron, 7 iron & 5 iron for example?

  10. Michael Perrett says

    I am subscribed to your channel and enjoyed your videos for about a year. I was looking for a fitter and ran across a recommendation to watch this video ( – WOW. For me in a single video you have captured both the specific needs of the client and the fitter. I am 77 now and hope the stupid travel restrictions to Canada are lowered before I get old. 🏌️‍♀️😁

  11. Virgil Maralit says

    I’ve watched and learned from hundreds of hours of TXG video. I could not thank you guys enough for what you do. My take on the demographic of who gets to come see you I would think as a 29 year old is simply a money thing. I just think a 50+ has the extra cash to fly from the US and pay for a fit & new clubs more often than a younger person not to say we don’t want to come equally as bad. If there was aTXG closer in the states for sure we would be lining up! Thank you for everything you guys do!

  12. Christopher Danjou says

    I live in Massachusetts and am seriously considering coming for a fitting with you Ian. By far the best in the business. Love you guys

  13. Ryan Matura says

    Getting my first fitting ever on Friday. I’d be lost if it wasn’t for this channel and all the great catalog of content. One day I’m crossing the border for a proper TXG experience.

  14. Jarrad Maxwell says

    On average how much over retail price does the client pay on a set of irons when fitted?

  15. Adam Thomas says

    You guys are amazing! As for the last mention on budget… I did a fitting a few days ago, and I personally have been blessed enough in my career to not have to worry about budget (I say that with as much humility as you all carry in your videos). But I didn't know if I should mention my budget to the fitter as I was unsure if that would cause him to fit me into something that I really didn't need.

    After getting to know him, I could tell that he was honest and wouldn't do steer me in the wrong direction (especially after he suggested that I don't get a new 3-wood head but, instead, just change the shaft). So finally, I eased into the idea that budget didn't matter to me much, and I got a very good shaft in my new driver that I cannot wait to hit on the course. But certainly, that was a concern of mine and it took awhile to get to where I was comfortable sharing that with him.

    Just wanted to share my experience. I ultimately did get fitted for the clubs I wanted and I am happy (haven't tried them on course yet but the numbers are significantly better than my old clubs). But it took us awhile to get there because I didn't openly walk in and share my budget… Do you guys think that consumers may be a little TOO frightened of sharing their budget? Or should be be weary of this kinda thing?

  16. Todd's professional window cleaning says

    We need you guy's in new Jersey,,this is the one of the best channels on YouTube,,a personal heart felt thanks to you guys for the knowledge and wisdom you guys are sharing with the golfing community,,A big heart felt thank you from my heart!!!!

  17. Eddie Runcorn says

    Guys, I’ve bought a SIM2 driver off the shelf. I’m not feeling too comfortable with how it feels in my hand. I’m thinking I’d benefit from getting the driver fitted but have I done things the wrong way round. What would the process be to get my off the shelf driver fitted. Thanks

  18. Michael M says

    Sorry I don’t really do social media so I don’t know how to contact Ian directly.

    I have some time this Summer where I’ll be not to far from you, I’ll be in upstate NY and VT. I’m vaccinated for Covid and will be flying my own aircraft this quite open for scheduling. If I were to set fitting appt, would I be able to take built clubs that day? If not, would you ship them to my home? Shipping address would be Lake Tahoe, northern NV or you can ship to Gallatin Gateway, MT. Have you done this before and are there customs issues to avoid? If they were built within a week of fitting, I could likely make that work to come in for pickup.

    If there’s a better or more appropriate way of communicating directly with you, let me know. Your insights and diligence is greatly admired thus the reason to fly up for fitting. The fitting would be irons primarily, I’m currently gaming 4-PW Apex Pro 16. Thank you

  19. Patrick Traynor says

    I’ve moved my handicap from 18-8 not from a fitting but from dramatic swing changes

  20. Tim Kennedy says

    I’m 72 watch your videos all the time and enjoy them. I’m getting an iron and wedge fitting in Naples Florida tomorrow at True Spec Golf.
    Looking forward to it

  21. Declan Henneberry says

    As a new golfer, would it be a good idea to get fitted for clubs if I’m still learning the basics and fundamentals? In part it makes sense to me that if I’m going to get into this that I should have the proper equipment that fits me best. But on the other hand I wonder if I should wait until I have more experience before getting fitted. Any input will be appreciated. Love the channel guys!

  22. Jon Whitehead says

    Assuming money is an object and you're not able to buy a full set all at once, have you guys ever discussed the best order to get custom fit? Driver down to putter, putter to driver or another order? (Assume the golfer has an existing set but nothing has been custom fit before). Genuine question as I'm in this category right now and deciding what order to do things in.

  23. Steven Hill says

    I'm near 72 and totally in to YouTube for Golf Lessons. Where in CA are you?

  24. Joe Burrr says

    Again, Great video. I do have a generic question regarding your last segment, budget. So lets say I'm looking for a set of irons fitted. The fitter finds a set of shafts for $800 and a set of shafts for $1200. For a 18 handicapper, how much real difference is the $400 gonna make (I know, crystal ball shit)…or basically, just getting new fitted shafts regardless is gonna help. Thanks

  25. Mike Kim says

    TXG Golf Academy – your new business name!

  26. Chuck Neal says

    Thanks for the information. I'm getting fitted for a driver soon and I think the video will help.

  27. Joe Willis says

    I’m 68 and watch you all the time. I wish it was feasible for me to come to you for a fitting. Keep it going and Thanks for the integrity.

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