How to Charge your Golf Cart Batteries Manually if your charger will not turn on

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I get a lot of calls about battery chargers that are not working after the owner has been out of town for a while. Here is the solution to charging your batteries up after they have dropped too low for the charger to recognize them.

Most of the time people assume the Charger has stopped working, but that is likely not the case. It is more common that the batteries have dropped too low in voltage and the charger needs a certain voltage to turn on.

Also something that we have been suggestion to our customers over the last couple of years is to use a trickle charger like the one here for 48 volt carts or here for 36 volt carts.

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  1. Fishing For reels says

    What about if the charger won’t charge the batteries all the way

  2. Adam Hairfield says

    Nice shirt! 💥

  3. Maria Vega says

    This might be a stupid question but I am gonna ask. If the battery is charged but you don't know how charged it is and we plug it into the charger but nothing happens at all on the charger, could it be because the battery is fully charged?

  4. Sergio Villegas says

    Nice video. My 48V cart died and tried this with a 4amp 12V manual charger. 30min each batter (4x 12V). And nothing happened. Need more amps? Charge longer? I’m tempted to leave them on for a while but worried about over charging. Thanks.

  5. AxZxTxExCxA says

    What is low on a regular 8volt battery?? Mines go from 8.6 to 8.40 They not even…


    Your cure worked like a charm. Thought I would be replacing my charger or invoking the warranty on my batteries. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. CE Burrell says

    Y’all get a subscription for this vid

  8. Trevier Smithen says

    can someone do a diagram on a ez-go golf txt cart wiring "gas"

  9. Michael Oxendine says

    Shouldn't you take the cables off so your charger won't try to push through all the batteries?

  10. Robert Duenes says

    What's even easier than that is to take that power drive charger you have and jump the relay to force a charge then after about an hour put everything back the way it was plug the charger back in and let the charger do its thing.

  11. Ahdy Bolis says

    My Yamaha electric cart battery charger problem. When I connect the charger to the power outlet and without connecting it the golf cart, the three lights blink for a second every 7 seconds. When I connect the battery charger to the golf cart it keeps doing the same. it is not charging the golf cart

    the charger is YAMAHA, 48 volt charger, multi-stage battery charger/ maintainer. MIDEL JW9-82107-02

    ANY thoughts are greatly appreciated

  12. Brenda Scott says


  13. Shaun Flynn says

    This worked for 5/6 batteries I have…3 ended up with about 8V, 2 with 6V, and 1 dud! This still adds up to about 36V, and you would then think that my cart charger would recognize the batteries and start up charging! But, NOOOOO! It wouldn't work at all. Is it possible that because of the 1 dead battery everything gets messed up? I do NOT want to have to buy 6 new 8V batteries because they cost an arm and a leg! They are Trojan T-875's. How can one check to see that the problem isn't actually the cart charger itself?

  14. Ricky rocky says


  15. Jake G says

    are you able to charge all the batteries in series, as in hooking onto the positive on the first battery and the negative on the last set? using 12v charger on 6 8v batteries…

  16. Leah O says

    video was great saved me a service call to dealer thank you !!!

  17. Jennifer Seymour says

    Where can we get the long term charger you sell we have a 36 volt and had this problem last winter our charger shuts off just like you said and never restarts

  18. Trudy Ng says

    Hi, I am in Canada and would like to know where to get this type of charger. Thank you

  19. Veng Kouch says

    the battery not fully chareged, The power supply cutoff too fast. How to correct the problem?

  20. Mike Edwards says

    Just put new batterys in my 48vt club car . Charger wont come on. Any ideas?

  21. SANTA MUERTE says

    You may so bypass your charger, bypass your obc and regulate the charge by installing a timer on the ac power oule3

  22. Stephen Weber says

    awesome info, thanks

  23. ThereHeIs baits says

    why you cant just take this charger an hook it up just like the charger is hooked up with this function would charge the whole system if you hooked it up like that..I use to charge my 18 wheeler like that when batterys drained to low crank the truck just hit the booster an it would start right up

  24. Siegfried Dinse says

    I have 48 V batteries with the E.R.I.C charger. Should I leave this charger plugged in when leaving for 6months or should I set a timer
    for half hour per day or so ?

  25. Zouhair Suleiman says

    Good video but you need to let people know that you need to make sure that your batteries are full with water and turn the switch off on tow position before charging the batteries 🔋

  26. CrewmanDerek says

    Worked like a charm!!!! Thank you!!!

    Saved me hassle and money. Subbed.

  27. Sven Hartvig says

    Seems a nice and not destructable way of saving batteries – at our golf club we have 2017 Club Cars, and the charging system is lousy – so I'll test this and revert with comments

  28. Brad Domangue says

    Bro, thank you so much for this video! You just saved me a lot of time and money.

  29. Eric Shufro says

    Wouldnt the voltage of the charger be less than 2 batteries in series? I would think this would be a bad idea if the batteries had some charge in them. Maybe OK if the batteries are stone dead.

  30. Timothy Sackrider says

    Worked great! Thank you so much. 👍

  31. Timothy Sackrider says

    Our cart won't move forward. A friend told me he thinks the "accelerator pot" is bad. Any advice?

  32. Sanchez1 says

    So I connected the 12v to the two different batteries. They are reading 100% charge. Could it be my regular cart charger is bad?

  33. healthyamerican says

    if i have two chargers, can i charge two sets of batteries at a time? to save time?

  34. Curtis Sechrist says

    How do i find out if my motor is good or not before i spend all that money on batteries? thanks

  35. Buck Nasty says


  36. Brian Perryman says

    I like your t-shirt. I appreciate you being bold in your faith.

  37. Idiot Fishing says

    I have 3 – 12v batteries that I swapped from 6x6v.
    it only charges half way. how can I get full charge

  38. Frank Castle says

    Do this ONE battery at a time.

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