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  1. Robert Crewse says

    Spring in Missouri! Rain and cool one day, hot the next, snow the next lol

  2. Nate says

    6:05 Bradley Anderslang?? 😂

  3. Ryan Koehler says

    What part of Missouri?

  4. Joe Imre says

    You just have a spare 100 g's? Man, youtube must be treating you well 💰💰

  5. Greg Marsell says

    after the stinger montage…im exhausted

  6. aps 915 says

    Keep the 2 iron out of your bag! You can’t hit it.

  7. Steven Moulton says

    If you build it, they will come

  8. Tiny Toons says

    Stephan, I think I saw your Johnson hanging out of your shorts and I must admit, thats one serious piece of equipment you have there !

  9. Justin Kemper says

    Man I would’ve turned that place into a hunting wonderland 😂

  10. Zach Eakes says

    Was just in MO blues got 🧹🧹🧹🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Shaun Day says

    respect bro saying it how it is, money isnt a easy subject to talk about. keep up the grind
    much love

  12. Famous Yair says

    Broooo Missouri say u swearrr we gotta play together for the one time that would me a lot🙏🏽

  13. Johnny Smathers says

    Sell merch and future memberships to fund the course maybe

  14. Steven Meyer says

    What part of Missouri man? The area looks familiar.


    It's obvious you don't have a plan, and also pretty obvious you know nothing about construction, so your gonna spend a ton of money. But it's fun to watch and good luck on the course.

  16. Isaac Wiegman says

    Bro buy an airplane and get your license. It’ll pay for itself in no time with as much as you fly

  17. Charles Johnson says

    235th comment

  18. Hayden Fetter says

    Invest in some boots man

  19. Charles Malone says

    If it was Dallas you’d be sitting at about 120 k for the dirt work.

  20. Jay says

    I will come play your course when it's done!

  21. Carl Clement says

    This video convinced me to follow you. I wish you the best of luck and would feel blessed to play/help you with your course.

  22. Ben M says

    Why does he keep flying if it's that pricey? Can't be that long a drive right. Thought fuel was hella cheap in the states?

  23. BL4ZEJAGUAR 2seRious says

    Bro. Get it. Follow you dreams and do things you love!

  24. 13jake says

    loving this series steve , it’s sick to think everyone following your journey can come down an play it in the future after we watch how the whole process works very cool bro 😎

  25. Brett Kooiman says

    Stephen, come play wolf hollow in labadie, MO with me. It’s super hilly and challenging. Would be fun!

  26. adam gee says

    Lol what shoe size are you I’ll send you some work boots 😂

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