How many golf wedges should you carry? Bob Vokey Short Game Secrets Episode 1

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How many golf wedges should you carry in your bag?

In the first instalment of our short game secrets series with Bob Vokey we look at how club golfers should go about getting the right wedges.

Bob Vokey is a master craftsman who has been designing and making wedges for Titleist for over 30 years.

When it comes to talking about wedges, there’s no one better to seek advice from.

How many golf wedges should you carry
How many golf wedges should you carry and why are wedges so important?

“I may be a little bit prejudiced but I think wedges are the most important clubs in your bag, ” Vokey said.

“They are the most versatile clubs. If you can get up and down then you are going to save a lot of shots each round.

“So it’s really important to get fitted into the wedges which are going suit your technique and allow you to do everything that you want to do.

“As well as technique it’s about the type of golf courses that you play on.”

How many golf wedges should you carry
How many golf wedges should you carry and how does a wedge fitting work?

“The first thing I like to do is to gap-fit,” Vokey added.

“Wedges can start at 43˚ – that’s very strong. And then your sand wedge will probably be 56˚ so that’s a big gap.

“My basics are that I like to gave 4-6˚ between wedges – that equates to about 10-15 yards between each. Those are gaps you can play with.

“You need to be confident that you can hit that exact yardage you are looking for.”
How many golf wedges should you carry and what does the perfect set look like?

How many golf wedges should you carry

“I feel most comfortable fitting people into three or four wedges,” Vokey said.

“And that’s going to depend on the players ability, technique and the types of shots they like to hit.”

So a set of four wedges – like the one used by Jordan Spieth – would include a 46˚, 52˚, 56˚ 60˚.

How many golf wedges should you carry

Other players may go for a 50˚, 54˚ 58˚ set up.

Some players may just like to carry a 52˚ and a 56˚ or a 54˚ and a 58˚.
How many golf wedges should you carry and which bounce and grind do I need?

How many golf wedges should you carry

There are six different grinds in the Vokey SM7 wedges line-up and bounces from 4-14˚.

Golf wedges

Throughout this series with Bob we’ll be exploring which bounce and grinds work best in certain situations including bunkers, thick rough, tight lies when we need to hit it high and when we need it to spin.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Stuart Loakes says

    What was the point of that video?

  2. James Savage says


  3. son gun says

    I carry 45, 50, 56, 59, 62.. I'm mental!! My other clubs are driver, 2 hybrid, 5-9 irons and putter. I may be over the limit.

  4. xNIKEGOLFx says

    50, 54, 58, and just added a 62 for 70-80 yard shot!

  5. DANIEL PERRY says

    Soooo,.. I don’t get it, what exactly was that video for?

  6. IR Bose says

    Maybe I could play more wedges if Vokeys weren't such a rip off

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