How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Golf Clubs?

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How long does it take to get used to new golf clubs? theres no better feeling than taking a brand new driver out of the box, or a brand new set of irons, or wedges or even a new putter. we always hope we have a honeymoon period but thats not always the case. Sometimes people are scared of using their new golf clubs and put off actually using them… until they “get used to them” so how long should it take for you to get used to your new golf clubs? lets find out… and lets do it now.

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  1. patrick sprowl says

    I bought a set of fourteen golf tc888’s probably 3 years ago, I love them to death, I just wanted an upgrade from my cobra s9’s. I didn’t get them fitted (wish I did) but I was at a demo day on a military base I’m stationed at and couldn’t walk away, I tried all the different clubs and talked and swung but they felt the most comfortable (even tho they were a little to advance for me at the time.) is it still possible to get them fitted? As far as lie angle and loft? Not really the shaft because I like the way they feel (also be a pain to replace). Just something I’ve always been curious about. . .


  2. Neil Taylor says

    Only difference for me with new clubs is confidence, off the tee and fairway no issue from the off, from a tight lie or difficult position it takes time to get used to the feel but just requires repetition

  3. GS Sheriff says

    For me, 57 in less than month, maybe few weeks. In the old days for me, 1980s, the shafts from each manufacturer took a bit to learn for some reason. Now everyone makes good shafts ect. I just went to graphite shafts, for my cobra irons. Still getting used to weight difference.

  4. Shooter McPowick says

    Will be getting a set of 919 tours myself fairly soon, yes theyre tools but damn – theyre beautiful tools! Ill be using them as soon as they arrive but will be trying to keep them looking good too

  5. John Mitchell says

    A day

  6. Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society says

    My new set of clubs would actually be an old set of FG-17's. With new shafts and a few strips of lead tape for the correct swing weight. I like my X-18 Tour, too, but pick and choose depending on the playing conditions between about 21 clubs. At least I did! Unfortunately now out of it and I never hit a bad one.

  7. Josh M says

    I don’t think I’ve ever blamed a club for a bad golf shot lol. And until 2 years ago I was playing with the same ping eye2+s and big Bertha woods since I was 10. Practice is all you need.

  8. Q C says

    I am waiting for my clubs to come in hope to get them before Memorial Day (US) so I can take them out on the course. If not it will be the range.

  9. Jeff Rowe says

    Got fitted for some 919 HM-Pro and they are 1” longer.. I’ve been swinging standard since I was 16 and I have to admit I’m definitely having some growing pains adjusting to the now longer shafts…any tips to help me adjust?

  10. CJ says

    I couldn't wait to try my new clubs. Driver's looking older than it is, but it's worth it for those long fairway finders lol

  11. 59BigWalt says

    Do you scrutinize your putter with the same fervor?

  12. 59BigWalt says

    Okay, you changed irons because you wanted to reinvigorate your game. Good move. On the course, what does the Mizunos give you over your Titleist blades? Can you fade it better? Drawl it better?

  13. Nathen Wayenberg says

    My last new set of irons took me almost 12 months to get used to . I only play once a week if I’m lucky and I went from a set of extremely forgiving massive head and offset cougars to a set of Wilson v6’s so a big difference but glad I did it.

  14. dale brede says

    Brought new driver first time I have been fitted added 20 meters to distance and improved my accuracy but I still stuff it up when I let my ego drive..😎😎

  15. Dan Jones says

    Been playing my clubs for a few years and I am still not used to them. But than again I am pretty bad at golf.

  16. Barry Pienaar says

    I replaced my driver because I was hitting it way too high with a cobra f9 and its brilliant.
    Replaced my irons (Nike NDS – 2000 model) more as a gift to myself with the titleist ap3's and they go atleast 15 yards further than my old irons. Still getting use to them.
    Replaced my wedges because I tested the Callaway forged wedges and they were on special haha.
    I got all my new irons and wedges head covers but I'm going to take them off because they look awesome. That's my new toolbox!

  17. Tod Pharis says

    took me about 20 rounds, but I do not practice or else I feel I could have cut that in half.

  18. Darlene Baker says

    I think you're awesome James, really enjoy your vlogs and energy. I just bought a new set clubs, a full bag…and a bag! LOL. I don't know how long it will take to get used to them. But like you say, they're gorgeous and I love them and hopefully I'll be able to hit them, haha.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Deep up Stranded Creek says

    Last set…. 20 years and i still hated them. Turns out the shop sold me a set at +1inch shaft and plus 2 lie angle… that i DON'T need. But BECAUSE i knew nothing about golf and he couldn't get them out the door, well. sell them to this naive sucker…

    Yep, I'm a sucker and GREED on this planet is outa control.
    I'll only buy off the rack now… Salesmen will lie to my face to get my money, fuck em, i'll hit it left and right all day before paying for a fitting and sold $1200 worth of club that is totally wrong for me… again.

  20. Paul Grayson says

    Hot metals 919 come in Monday. Ready to smash. I already sold my old irons.

  21. James Mesko says

    I couldn't wait to get out and play with them.  It took a little bit to get used to them but I really am glad I got them.  My old set was 20 years old so there was a big difference in them.

  22. Mario Malin says

    Recently replaced my ping i3 blades (had them for 17yrs so it was time to get some new tech) with some i500s, did it mostly due to carry distance. The new clubs are about half a club longer in overall distance but they fly higher and carry farther. Although this was near the end of the golf season in Canada so next year when we get back to proper golf weather I would expect to be anywhere from a club to a club and a half longer…

  23. tom says

    good vid

  24. lee burling says

    Just been fitted for jpx919 hot metal project x shaft and golf pride algin grey grips started 1 year ago off 27 starter now 15 h cap playing 2 to 3 times a week now 😍👌👍⛳😁 love ur videos keep up great work followed u 4 1 year now 👍👍👍👍👍

  25. Darlene Baker says

    I just got my new irons and Driver. The irons have been an easy adjustment, the driver however is a work in progress. Its the longest club so maybe it should take more getting used to I guess. I hit the new irons a little further than my old but I'm hitting the new driver a bit less so I'm not sure what is up with that. I'll have to work more with the driver, some face tape to be sure I'm hitting the sweet spot. Hopefully it's just me and not the club. I thought your video was on point, a great topic and an honest answer to the question. Keep up the good work!

  26. Julian Wyatt says

    Ive had the same set for 20 years and changed recently. Finding it really hard going. PW really good though and love the 6 iron, so 🤞 it was fall into place soon.

  27. Tim Slater says

    just got a new set of Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal 4-SW, having trouble hitting them – mainly topping – they feel so light and almost "plasticky" compared to my old clubs.

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