How Do I Get The USPS To Recognize My Address

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If you have been a USPS customer for a while, you are probably surprised to see that your address is not being recognized. It is a common occurrence for people who move to a new location, to suddenly realize that their address is not validated by the USPS.

In this video we cover some of the most common reasons why that may be happening and a step by step process that you can follow to get it recognized.

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Video Timestamps

0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Why Your Address Might Not Be Recognized
2:39 – How Can You Get The USPS To Recognize Your Address?
4:51 – What If You Keep Having Trouble With Getting The USPS To Recognize Your Address?
5:29 – A Virtual Address Alternative

What Is A Virtual Address?

A virtual address is a real physical street address that allows you to access your postal mail from your computer or phone. Every time a piece of mail or package arrives for you, you get an email notification. Your mail & packages get scanned, and are uploaded into your account.

Simply log into your virtual address account, and read all your mail online (just like when you would read an email.)

If you are overseas, you can have packages shipped to you, with a discount of up to 80%.

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  1. Jeff M says

    Isn't the United States Postal Service just a wonderful thing. You order something and it gets shipped to by way of USPS and comes on time, sometimes! And then other times it gets shipped to You and half there it is dumped into some "Warehouse" for 1 to 2 weeks before they finish Delivering it to You.

  2. alvin real says

    USPS cant not find my mailing address
    they deliver packages but no letters cause my address is not in there system what do i do

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